Monday, June 16, 2008

JUNE 16, 2008

He plays Oliver on the hit series Hannah Montana, and he called in this morning to chat. Here's what he had to say...

On the Hannah Montana movie...
He couldn't share many plot points, but he did say fans can look forward to Lilly's Sweet 16 in the film. Also, he said the cast hadn't been together for a while, so it was a nice reunion.

On Miley Cyrus and the constant paparazzi attention...
Yes, paparazzi are always trying to get the picture of Miley, but he says she's such a down-to-earth, cool girl, and his best friend for the last four years. Plus, it's a blessing to work with the rest of the cast too including her dad, Billy Ray, and Emily Osment.

On his song "If I Didn't Have You"...
He didn't pick it... Disney picked it for him to sing on Disney Mania 6. They asked him if he wanted to do it, and he said yes. He thinks it came out great!

On his date to Dolce that had everyone on his blog guessing...
The date was... Chelsea Staub. You'd know her from the Bratz movie, and has done some work with Disney too. Only thing is... it wasn't a date. They were just hanging out as friends, he says.

On whether he'll be coming with his tour to Bakersfield or Southern California...
Not anytime soon... but we'll keep checking his tour schedule.

How much does it stink when you come back to work after a weekend at the beach... and everyone points out the ONE spot where you forgot to put on sunscreen?

Well, Doctor Doris Day from the Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Foundation wants to make sure you never have to go through that embarrassment again. So here's a list of five body parts where people usually forget to put on sunscreen:

5) The top of your chest. This is the area that scars most easily... so make sure to apply enough sunscreen to your lower neck and upper chest area.

4) The back of your neck. A lot of people with long hair forget to put sunscreen on the back of their neck... but it can still get burned since your hair moves around when you're outdoors.

3) The top of your feet. Sunburned feet are the worst because it hurts every time you take a step... and it hurts even more when your flip flops rub against the skin.

2) Your ears. People, you've GOT to remember the ears. When you've got sunburned ears everyone can see those things glowing red and it looks nasty when they start flaking.

1) Your hair. Yes, your hair. Your hair and scalp are hit with a ton of sunlight... so get that spray-on sunscreen and run it through your hair. It also prevents your hair from fading and getting damaged.

According to a new study of people of all ages from all across the world… overall, in almost every country, happiness goes in a "U"-shaped curve... you're happiest as a baby... progressively get less and less happy until you bottom out at 44... then start getting happier again, until you're as happy as you were as a baby right before you die.

Andrew Oswald is an economist at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, who co-authored the study. He says that age 44 is when your depression peaks... but, of all the decades of your life, your ENTIRE time in your 40s is pretty brutal.

Quote, "It's midlife. It's something deep, beyond all the controls in our equation. It's a developing midlife low."

Why does that happen? Oswald says that he and his team aren't 100% sure... but their best theory is that in your 40s, you finally realize your dreams AREN'T GOING TO COME TRUE.

Quote, "My best conjecture is that people eventually learn to quell their infeasible aspirations. They manage to get their expectations into line with what they can actually achieve."