Friday, June 13, 2008

JUNE 13, 2008

This morning we asked you if there was any advice that your dad gave you that still sticks with you today... I said for me, my dad stressed the importance of being on time. Even now, when my dad travels or needs to be somewhere, he leaves a lot of time to make sure he isn't late...

Here's what we heard from you...
*I won’t ask you not to (smoke), but I would really like it if you didn’t.
*Always appreciate a gift from your husband, no matter what it is
*Use your head for something other than a hat rack
*You can do it glad, or you can do it mad… but you still need to do it.

So yesterday was my Deal or No Deal callback audition… Couldn’t really take pictures, but I do have the scoop. Like I said in the last DOND post, it’s still a LONG WAY before appearing on the show. In fact, getting on the prime time NBC version would take a miracle.

At 4 PM yesterday, 40 Bakersfieldians and I went to the Culver City Studios and were taken to a small room with about 50 chairs. The casting director told us 98% of what they are looking for right now is for the new syndicated version of Deal or No Deal. It will air Monday-Friday, and the top prize is $500,000 (still a lot of money)… If someone was really good, they could get on the main version, but I’ll be honest, I don’t think there was anyone (in our group, at least) who seemed to blow the casting guys away so much that they’ll do that.

There are a lot of people they’ll be taking for the syndicated version… If you’re picked, you’ll be one of 22 people on the show for a week. Five of those 22 will actually play the game, the other 17 will spend the time opening cases (there are no models in the syndicated version, but it is hosted by Howie Mandel). The selection of the five is totally random.

So long story short, you just need to impress them so you can be cast in one of those groups of 22.Each of us had about two minutes to talk about whatever we wanted… basically, who we are, where we grew up, what we do for a living… maybe a funny story, or why you want to be on the show. We did it in front of the other 39 people, as well as a panel of five casting people, and a camera.

I think I did all right… the judges are so hard to read… they basically smile and nod at everyone… I would say of the 40, any of 25 people has a legitimate shot at getting on the syndicated show, and I would like to think I was interesting enough to do that. They said we could get a call in two weeks, or for up to a year.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

To celebrate Father's Day, "Men's Health" compiled a list of interesting facts and stats about fatherhood. Here they are:

--The average man has a 50% chance of becoming a dad in his lifetime.

--ONE out of every 100 dads will faint in the delivery room.

--A man's testosterone level drops 65% during the first three months after a kid is born.

--On average, men will have two kids.

--But one in 10 men will have four or more kids.

--One in 10 men say they feel uncomfortable holding a baby.

--One in 13 dads will name their kids after pop-culture icons.

--ONE in FOUR guys think having kids will prevent a bad marriage.

--One in 10 dads will experience postpartum depression.

--THREE out of FOUR dads will take a paternity leave.

--143,000 men a year will leave work to become stay-at-home dads. Meanwhile, there are 5.6 MILLION stay-at-home moms.

--42% of dads say they spend less than 2 hours a day with their kids.

--The biggest fear a father has is that his kid will wind up hanging with the wrong crowd.

--95% of dads say they would still want kids if they had the choice to do it over.

--22% of dads think their kids should reimburse their parents for raising them. Mind you, the average cost to raise a kid until the age of 18 is $181,480.