Thursday, June 12, 2008

JUNE 12, 2008

Want to know whether your current Mr. Right could be your mate for life? In this excerpt from Is He the One? 101 Questions That Will Lead You to the Truth, Whatever That Is, author Susan Swimmer says the honest answers to a few key questions could help you find out. Here are 10 to get you started...

1. Does he think he's a lucky guy? A man who feels fortunate to have you in his life, will make sure you know you're adored. And how lucky is that?

2. Are his little faults things you can handle? Accepting someone, little faults and all, is part of love.

3. Can you name the parts of you that he finds most beautiful? If you know right now, without asking, then he must have told you more than once. And that's a beautiful thing.

4. Would he take the last sip of milk for his morning coffee? Even in a sleep-deprived, late-for-work, barely-able-to-select-a-tie stupor, the man who leaves you the last splash of milk for your coffee is a man who understands consideration.

5. Can he keep a secret? What's most important is that the two of you categorize secrets, both large and small, in the same way.

6. Do you know how much money he has? Not to the penny, but a ballpark figure. And here's the catch: You should know because the two of you have discussed it openly and honestly, not because you secretly accessed his computer files while he was grilling out back.

7. Has he seen you when you're at your worst? Worse than no makeup. Beyond bad hair. It's the you that nobody should be subjected to. You know the you we're talking about here. Yes, that one. If he's seen that you and he can handle it, then he may be a keeper.

8. Does he kiss you firmly? A listless, uncommitted kiss is like a limp, clammy handshake (nice to meet you, sort of).

9.Does he wear a seatbelt? Wearing a seatbelt is a tiny gesture that says he cares about himself and his well-being ... Takes a minute, lasts a lifetime.

10. Is he fun? He enjoys life and lives in the moment. And most of all -- you have fun when you're with him.

Did you know that those silly posters and pictures you have hanging in your tiny cubicle actually say a lot about the type of person you are? They do! Here's what your workspace says about you...

1) FAMILY PHOTOS. These show your co-workers that you're able to manage relationships outside of work over long periods of time.

But on the opposite side of the coin, having too many family pictures may make it seem like you'd rather be at home than at work. Even if that's true, stick to only two or three family pictures on your desk.

2) SPORTS PARAPHERNALIA. Having mugs, or pens, or whatever, that show off your favorite sports team can actually be BENEFICIAL to your career... because they can lead to some interesting conversations with the higher-ups.

3) READING MATERIALS. Books or magazines that relate to your field of work will also make you shine in the eyes of The Man, because it shows that you're intelligent and you care about your job.

4) CLEANLINESS. Always leaving your desk clean and stocked means that you're organized and reliable... and you'll be the go-to person for when your boss needs something quickly. But don't be too anal about cleaning, that'll get on people's nerves.