Thursday, June 5, 2008

JUNE 5, 2008

There's an open casting call today for Deal or No Deal...

2-6 PM
The Bright House Networks Amphitheatre
11200 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA
(The Bright House Network Amphitheatre is located at The Park at River Walk at Stockdale Hwy. and Buena Vista Road )

Our tips...
I've got no inside information on today's casting call specifically, but I've helped them run one of these before, so here's what I can tell you about the experience...

You will NOT be playing a simulated game with briefcases and models. You WILL be interviewed in a group of 10 people or so, and will get about 30 seconds to answer a question like "Why do you want to be on the show?", "What would you do if you won $1 Million?", or "What's your most embarassing moment"?

They are looking for personality. Period. If you've seen the show, even once, you know what kind of personality they are looking for. If you're shy, or hate talking in front of others, don't show up. You will not be seriously considered.

It doesn't really matter if you're there first or last-- they know what they're looking for, and when they find it, they make a note. (Producers say anyone who is there in line by 6 PM will be seen)

Be real-- don't be fake. They've seen costimes, and every act you can imagine.

If you want to save time, print and fill out an application here. Good luck!

You don't want people at work to know who you REALLY are, do you? Keep them thinking you're a hard-working, conscientious, and responsible person by avoiding the worst business blunders (in order)...

1) Arriving unprepared for a major meeting.
2) Arriving late for an important meeting.
3) Drinking too much at a business dinner or party.
4) Sending e-mails with multiple spelling and grammar errors.
5) Sending obnoxiously large attachments.
6) Using language or slang inappropriate for the workplace.
7) Not returning phone calls quickly enough.
8) Sending obscene or dirty forwards or jokes.

It may seem like a gallon of gas is expensive... but not compared to other things... Read this.