Friday, June 6, 2008

JUNE 6, 2008

Tomorrow, if you have kids who love cars, go to the 6th Annual Riders-N-Rods Car Truck & Motorcycle Show & Shine at Chuy's Grille on 8660 Rosedale Hwy. It runs from 8 AM until 3 PM. Admission is free.

This show is to benefit the Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, very special needs children by raising the funds to send them to Summer Camp. If you have a vehicle you want to enter, stop by. Registration includes lunch for (2) two at CHUY's grille, and the first 300 receive a Goodie Bag & Dash Plaque. Day of event registration is $40.

ALL makes and years of vehicles are welcome and 100 trophies will be presented with merchants choice trophy judging, Spectators trophy, and a Peoples choice trophy. Come to the largest single day event in the Central Valley of California and have a great time supporting some very special kids. Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun!

So the producers of Deal or No Deal were in Bakersfield yesterday to perhaps find contestants to be on the show. Of course, the show airs once a week on NBC, but they are also starting a syndicated version of the show (like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune which will air each night).

So I, along, with close to 1500 other Kern County residents went to see if we could get on the show. Here's how it worked...

When you got there, they had you fill out an application with seven basic questions like, "What would you do with the money if you win?", "What's the weirdest job you ever had?", etc. I had filled mine out before I got there, which was good, because there were no pens, but bad, because it gave me nothing to do. So I sat with a crowd of people until it was my turn.

When it was my turn, I went up with a group of 10 people. Each person was given 30 seconds to tell a little about themselves. I had talked about this on the show yesterday... they're looking for personality. If you stand out, they give you a coveted green ticket. A friend of mine who was there handing out the applications said they had told them earlier in the day, they can tell within the first three seconds whether or not they want you.
I guess they want me! I moved on to the second round of interviews. Now, Thursday, I'll go down to L.A. and go through a longer process (about three hours), which includes me filling out a much longer application (which among other things asks if I've ever had a restraining order filed against me or if I have been convicted of a felony or worse), and I'll get a longer interview in front of a camera.

Now, I'm still FAR AWAY from being on the show. I would say of the 1500 people they saw today, 200-250 got green tickets... but for now, I need to ask myself... Deal or No Deal!