Monday, May 26, 2008

MAY 26, 2008

Even though more than 50% of married couples met through friends or family, over 40 million people turn to the Internet each month looking for love. And for those who are looking for a very specific sort of person, there seems to be a dating site for every taste., "to share your passion for golf." Sample profile entry (or more appropriately, the kind of nut you'll meet here): "I really want to find a woman who loves playing golf and is good enough to enjoy playing with. I am an 18 handicap and hope to be down to the single figures by next year." Why not just marry a golf ball? Problem solved., "where pet lovers meet." Sample profile entry: "My dog would describe me 'as a pretty generous guy, as long as I have enough kibble ... He can't wait to come home and tell me about his day, and I wish he had someone else to do that with.'" Um, no thanks -- this guy sounds like a monkey anyway -- BANANAS!, for "organic farmers, student farmers, cowboys, cowgirls, or just farmer wannabes!" Sample profile entry: "Ideal match -- a fun-loving girl who loves cattle as much as I do and isn't scared of getting dirty. What if you like to EAT cattle? Does that count?

A new study has found that 90% of women almost always wear their seatbelt... while only 77% of men regularly buckle up.

But the study also found that if a woman is riding in the front passenger seat of the car... men are MUCH more likely to wear their seatbelt than if they're driving alone or with another man.