Friday, May 23, 2008

MAY 23, 2008

When you're thrown into the mix with a couple hundred other wage-slaves on a long, boring commercial flight... it just seems inevitable that some sort of problem is going to go down. Here are four airplane issues... and how to handle them...

1) THE KID BEHIND YOU IS KICKING YOUR SEAT. You may want to ream the kid out . . . but DON'T. Talk nicely to the kid's parents. If the kid still won't stop, ask the parent if they wouldn't mind switching seats with their bratty kid.

2) THE PERSON IN THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU WON'T... STOP... TALKING. Set some clear signals that you're just not up for talking: Put your iPod on, read a book, or go to sleep.

3) YOU HAVE TO GET UP... BUT THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU IS SLEEPING. Well, the only way to deal with this one, unfortunately, is to wake them up. Don't try to climb over them, that's just weird.

4) YOU AND THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU ARE JOCKEYING OVER THE ARM REST. Apparently, the armrests in between the seats are for the person sitting in the MIDDLE. So if you're that person, then awesome. If not, deal with it.

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