Friday, February 8, 2008

FEBRUARY 8, 2008

Are you looking for a good movie to watch with your significant other over Valentine's Day??? Even though everybody knows it won't be anything that was made after, say, 2004, everybody is still busting out their polls of the Most Romantic Movie of All Time.

Here's one from . . .

Here's the Top 5...

#1.) "Casablanca", 1942
#2.) "Titanic", 1997
#3.) "Wuthering Heights", 1939
#4.) "An Affair to Remember", 1957
#5.) "Gone With the Wind", 1939

Here's a rough guide for how much you're supposed to spend on a Valentine's Day gift for someone... depending on how long you've been dating...

If you've been dating for less than two months, you're supposed to spend $60 on a Valentine's Day gift...

--$100 if you've been dating for four months or less.

--$200 and under if you've been dating between four and six months.

--And if you've been dating for six months or longer... you're supposed to unload $300 on a Valentine's Day gift. This usually means jewelry.

--Oh, and get this: They say that if a woman has had just ONE date with you in the month of February, she's hoping you'll give her a Valentine's Day gift.