Thursday, February 7, 2008

FEBRUARY 7, 2008

The best of the rest bascially turned out to be the singers who didn't have stories sad enough to make it on to their original city's audition show. There were two guys, though, who I think have a legitimate shot to make it far.

Chikezie Eze... tried out last year and was sent packing, because as he reminded the judges, “you wasn’t feelin’ me.” This time around, Simon didn’t think his voice was very interesting, but Eze made it through anyway.

Danny Noriega... also didn't make it last year, but the 17-year-old swore that this season things would be different. And they were, as he did a powerful rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” and easily advanced.

Now, FINALLY, next week we have the Hollywood rounds and the announcement of the Top 24! America, it's about to start getting good.

A few years back, CHER finally finished her meandering, seemingly endless FAREWELL TOUR. It went on SO long... that about halfway through, it was being referred to as the Never Can Say Goodbye Tour.

Well here's some good news for all the fans who shelled out big bucks to see one of Cher's final shows: She's back. According to, Cher and (the Las Vegas hotel-casino) Caesars Palace will be announcing a three-year deal later today.

Cher would take the place of CELINE DION... performing over 200 shows in three years. The deal is reportedly worth over $100 million... and the first show is scheduled for May 6th.

Just because he's your boyfriend doesn't mean he'll do anything for you. There are some things no guy wants to do -- ever. Namely, these...

1. Hold your purse. Holding a purse is like stamping "Whipped" on his forehead and other men are obligated to ridicule him.

2. Meet your ex. Meeting your ex just makes him think of you spending time with your ex.

3. Help out your friends. Go ahead and have him help out your friend, ladies. He could end up dating your friend!

4. Go to Pilates class. Don't drag him into a room full of women who look at him like he just walked in to their locker room.

Wonder why your hair is looking dull lately? Here are five shine destroyers...
1) Using clarifying shampoo more than once a week. You want some oil in your hair.
2) Showering in hot water. Rinse in cool to seal the cuticle.
3) Over-sunning. UV rays beat the living shine right out of hair.
4) Coloring hair more than once every six weeks. Not healthy.
5) Getting older (not much you can do about that one). Some shine fades naturally.

Say hello to the Col-Pop... the latest creation from South Korean chicken chain "BBQ Chicken". You ready for this? Imagine a 32-ounce cup. Fill the bottom of it with Coke... or Dr. Pepper or whatever... leaving the top half empty.

When the fizz settles, you take a smaller cup... which snaps directly into the top half of the larger one, hovering just above the soda... and fill it with chicken nuggets.

Slide your straw through the hole... and there you have it. Nuggets up top, soda down below... all in one portable container. Beautiful.

The Col-Pop hasn't hit the U.S. yet, but lucky people in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina... where BBQ Chicken already has locations… should be able to sample this nonsense soon enough.