Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FEBRUARY 12, 2008

Kids pretty much have the attention span of a squirrel, which is very frustrating to parents who shell out a ton of money on toys... only to have their kid lose interest in them the next day.

That's why Lori Pope of Houston, Texas, invented a toy rental service. The company is called Baby Plays and it's basically like Netflix... but instead of renting videos, you rent toys.

Here's how it works: For around thirty bucks a month, you choose six toys to be mailed to you, out of a selection of around 200 toys.

When your kid loses interest in them (--like five minutes later), you just send the toys back and get new ones in the mail.

Lori says she cleans and sanitizes the toys when they return. (AP)


Are you one of those girls who expects a Valentine's Day present? Guys hate girls like you ... Women who want to be pampered with flowers, breakfast in bed, and a memorable evening on the town. Uh!

Valentine's Day merits some kind of intimate night together, but it's stupid for women to expect some pricey jewelry on V-Day or an elaborate trip or something. A cheesy box of chocolates is all you should really want. It's not an anniversary. Or your birthday. Stop trying to squeeze out another holiday where it means he has to suffer and be Prince Charming for the day.

But -- if you ARE one of those women who MUST get a gift from him, here are some tips for getting it ...

Subtly Mention What's Caught Your Eye: Casually mention how much you need a new wallet or that you spotted a lovely pair of earrings at the local jewelry store. But there's a difference between a subtle hint and badgering your man, so don't hand him a pile of catalogs with your wish-list items circled in red.

Plan in Advance: You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you wait until the night before, or let him screw things up so you can nag him about it later.

Be Realistic: The biggest mistake is expecting your normal, sweet guy to transform himself into a white knight straight out of a romance novel. Tell him you plan to buy a new dress for the evening and are excited to dress up and go on a real date with him. Most men will understand what that means: shave, spray on some cologne, and wear a clean shirt.

Remember That Money Can't Buy Love: Don't be mad the day after V-Day because you have nothing to "show" for your holiday. Valentine's Day is not about being presented with an extravagant gift to help you impress your girlfriends! Anyone can buy an expensive pair of earrings but only someone who really loves you will make you a homemade card and your favorite dinner. Exactly!

Here are some ways for dealing with a workaholic spouse . . .

1) STOP HELPING THEM. You may not realize it, but when you're helping them with their work at home... and they don't even HAVE to be working... you're sort of enabling them. So if they want help, just say you're busy.

2) FIND HOBBIES YOU CAN DO TOGETHER. Find something that you both can do where you'll connect. It can be anything.

3) DON'T NAG THEM. Look, they probably already know that by working all the time... they're annoying you. But nagging them doesn't help... and it can actually make things worse.

4) UNDERSTAND THEIR JOB. It'll help both of you if you just take the time to actually understand what it is your husband or wife does... so maybe you'll be a little more forgiving when they have to work longer hours.

5) MAKE FAMILY APPOINTMENTS. Yeah, it sucks having to be a note on their calendar... but this is better than having to go to therapy, yes? Plus, they may not even realize that they've been neglecting you, so appointments will help.