Friday, December 7, 2007

DECEMBER 7, 2007

Most of us have been in that situation where our Christmas tree lights become tangled up into one gigantic ball, but we don't really want to shell out the $8 it takes to buy some new ones. Here are six tips on untangling the lights...

1) UNPLUG ALL CONNECTED STRANDS. If you have a lot of different strands plugged into each other, make sure they're all unplugged.

2) FIND A FREE END. Don't try to untangle the lights from the center of the knotted mass. If there's more than one free end, pick one.

3) LOOSEN ALL THE KNOTS. When the knots are loose, open a hole in the tangle to separate the free end from the mass.

4) WORK THE FREE END THROUGH EACH KNOT. Do it gently, though, so you don't break any of the bulbs.

5) REPEAT AS NECESSARY. Once one strand of lights has been removed from the tangle, do it again with another free end until each strand is removed and everything is untangled.

6) PREPARE FOR NEXT YEAR. Instead of shoving all your strands together into a box, wrap each one around something stiff, like a piece of cardboard, so they don't get tangled.

"Men's Health" did a survey about men and the weather; here's what they found...

75% of men say that even if there's a 100% chance of rain, they still don't grab an umbrella on their way out the door.

Two out of five men check the weather forecast before they get dressed in the morning. One out of six keep checking the forecast all throughout the day.

84% of lightning-strike victims are male.

61% of men don't have insurance against natural disasters.

11% of men say they've done a "polar bear" event... where they dive into a freezing ocean or lake. 90% would do it again.

35% of married men say they won't adjust the thermostat without checking with their wives first.

75% of men say that, during the summer, they would NOT give up their air conditioner for a date with a supermodel.

If you've been invited to SEVERAL holiday parties on Saturday, December 15th... you're not alone. And if you haven't... maybe it's time to go make more friends.

Because, according to Evite, December 15th is THE biggest party day of this entire YEAR. Evite already had more than 100,000 people use their site to invite people to parties on the 15th... that's more than the Super Bowl or Halloween.

New York has the most parties on Evite so far for the 15th... more than 8,000 parties and more than 275,000 invited guests. Los Angeles is second, San Francisco is third, then Washington, D.C., and Chicago.