Monday, December 10, 2007

DECEMBER 10, 2007

No one likes flying during the holidays, simply because if anything can go wrong, it usually does. Here are some ways to survive a holiday flight...

1) FLY NONSTOP. It's worth it to pay a little more to fly nonstop. This way, you can avoid having to deal with large crowds and potentially bad weather, which could delay your arrival time.

2) CHECK IN EARLY. Most airlines let you check in online up to 24 hours in advance. Just go to the airline's website, and they'll walk you through it. You won't have to wait in huge lines to check in once you get to the airport.

3) DON'T WRAP GIFTS. If you're carrying gifts home for friends or family, don't wrap them... because the Transportation Security Administration has the right to open ANYTHING.

4) SHIP GIFTS AHEAD OF TIME. If you don't want to carry gifts onto the plan, have them shipped to your destination before you leave. You could also buy gifts online, and put your destination as the shipping address.

5) GO TO THE AIRPORT EARLIER. Airport security around the holidays is a NIGHTMARE because of the sheer number of people... and the fact that most of them don't fly that often. So, you're dealing with clueless families bumbling through the security line, which can be ridiculously annoying. Allow time for this, and your airport experience won't be so frustrating.

I'm not sure if you believe in karma, or if you believe in just being a good human being, but either way, if you accidentally slam into a parked car... leave a note. It's just the right way to live your life. Even if other people don't live that way.

According to a survey by a British insurance company called Direct Line, 10% of drivers, or one out of 10, admit that they've slammed into a parked car... and then just driven away.

70% of drivers say they've had their car damaged when it was parked… and, whoever damaged it didn't bother to leave a note.

(If you're thinking: Wait, 70% have been hit but only 10% have done the hitting, that seems off... I think it is. And I'm guessing it's because A LOT more than 10% of people have hit a parked car and driven off... it's just that 10% that ADMIT it.)

Of the 10% of people who hit a parked car and took off, half of them said the reason they left was because the damage was minor, and not worth the effort involved in leaving their information.

About one out of seven of the people say they left the scene because no one was around to witness it... so they knew they'd get away with it.