Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DECEMBER 11, 2007

Apparently, between February of 1996 and November of 2006, if you used a credit or debit card overseas, your credit card company overcharged you during the currency conversion. And now, you're entitled to a refund.

You can take an easy refund of $25... or actually itemize your overseas credit card spending and, if it's over $2,500, get back 1% of what you spent. (MSNBC)

Here's the link:

Aretha Franklin tells Spinner that the star of the inevitable biopic of her life will be one of three stars: Jennifer Hudson (excellent choice), Fantasia (ok, perhaps), and ... Halle Berry?

The website Ancestry.com just released the results of a new survey that, basically, show that a LOT of Americans really don't know much about their family history.

Here's what they found...

33% can't name a single great-grandparent. Another 17% can only name one. (--Meaning: Half the country can name one or less great-grandparents.)

27% of us don't know what country our family lived in before they came to America.

22% of us don't know what either of our grandfathers did for a living.

60% of us can't name both of our grandmothers' maiden names.

Half of Americans say they've researched their family's roots... half haven't. 78% say they're interested in learning more about their family history.

So, Family Storylines is the leading company in this industry... they are basically a one-stop shop for researching families in any of more than 30 COUNTRIES.

Family Storylines is offering our listeners 15% off all their expert research packages through December 31st. This is a sweet deal to tell listeners about in light of this story... especially because people are looking for great Christmas gifts right now.

Go to FamilyStorylines.com and use the code SANTA during check-out to receive the discount, or click here for more information.

Season 4 (or the eight episodes that have been made so far) WILL air this spring... and it sounds really good... As you know, Season 1 focused on the original castaways, Season 2 was about the castaways in the tail section, and Season 3 was all about The Others. Now, Season 4 will focus on The Dharma Initiative and The Oceanic 6... the six castaways who make it off the island! You know from last season that Kate and Jack are two of the six, but who else joins them? And what does it mean for the rest of the castaways? We know who joins them, but won't spill it... you'll just have to watch starting February on ABC.