Monday, July 9, 2007

JULY 9, 2007

HALLE BERRY tops an "In Touch Weekly" list of ladies who are Fabulous At 40. They gave her the honor because she has, quote, "evolved into this woman that feels very confident in who she is."

Here's the Top 10. . .
#1.) HALLE BERRY (--She'll be 41 in August.)
#2.) DAISY FUENTES (--She'll be 41 in November.)
#3.) SALMA HAYEK (--She'll be 41 in September.)
#4.) PAMELA ANDERSON (--Just turned 40 on July 1.)
#5.) MARTINA MCBRIDE (--She'll be 41 on the 29th of this month.)
#6.) MARIA BELLO (--She turned 40 in April.)
#7.) TIA CARRERE (--She turned 40 in January.)
#8.) GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON (--She'll be 41 in November.)
#9.) MELINA KANAKAREDES (--Turned 40 in April.)
#10.) NICOLE KIDMAN (--Turned 40 last month.)

This one's for all of you who've been in a bathroom and used your FOOT to flush a toilet. . . or your elbow to turn on the hand dryer. . . or completely covered the seat with toilet paper before you sat down. And based on this survey. . . that's almost ALL of you.

According to a poll by Dyson, a full 90% of us. . . that's nine out of ten. . . will do WHATEVER it takes to keep our skin from making any contact with ANYTHING in a public bathroom.

More than 60% use their feet to flush the toilet. . . more than 40% have used their elbow to turn on a hand dryer. . . 38% use a paper towel to turn on the water before they wash their hands. . . and 63% lay toilet paper on the seat before they sit down.

And there's a good reason: In random tests by the National Sanitation Foundation, two different types of DANGEROUS bacteria. . . Staphylococcus aureus and coliform. . . were found on 10% of the surfaces in public bathrooms.

Another good reason: A study back in 2005 found that only 82% of people wash their hands after they use a public bathroom. . . that broke down to 90% of women and only 75% of men.

Are you one of those people who takes work with ya on a vacation??? Then DONALD TRUMP thinks you're cool, writing on his internet blog that the one-in-five people who brings a laptop or the eight in ten who have a cellphone just "don't want to miss what's going on." "Although vacations are supposed to be about de-stressing, some people admitted it would be more stressful not knowing what was going on at work while they were away. And those are the kind of people I want working for me."

Yet still another accident survey: Think the roads are more dangerous because of folks using their cell phones behind the wheel?

London's Independent suggests shifting your blame to people who eat while they drive. Brunel University did a study and concluded that "snacking at the wheel" doubles your risk of getting into an accident. And since drivers do not necessarily perceive the risk, they choose not to modify their eating behavior, and rather rely on adapting their driving.

Thus snacking at the wheel appears to have little effect on 'normal' driving --which may reinforce the driver's risk perceptions."