Tuesday, July 10, 2007

JULY 10, 2007

If you looked at the daily poll today, you got the condensed version, but you will NOT believe what happened to me this past weekend.

It all started a couple weeks ago... I've got this one neighbor who occasionally forgets to roll out his brown trash bin for pickup on Fridays. Two weeks ago, he forgot to roll it out, and then had a party, so his trash bin was overflowing to the point where he put the extra trash in his green bin (which you know, the trash people won't empty, and the "green" guys won't take if it includes trash).

So... last week after the 4th of July, it was Friday, and I noticed he didn't roll out his trash. I thought to myself... boy, he's going to have a lot of trash next week too. When I came home from the studios, I noticed he had rolled his trash out but it hadn't been emptied. At first, I thought he had rolled it out too late, and then I remembered because of the holiday, they weren't going to pick up our trash until the following day. So I double checked our trash can, and he had stuffed all his extra trash in there! He didn't even ask! All his smelly bags, fireworks trash, and he just shoved it in our bin... (To be fair, if he had asked, I would have told him it was okay).

Fast forward now 48 hours to Sunday afternoon... our trash has been emptied now, and I'm about to take our first load of trash for the week to our bin. Julie says it would be a good time to spray it out and throw some bleach in there since the bin itself has been starting to smell. So I spray it out, and all this gunk comes out. I leave the bleach in there to soak overnight, so I think to myself what to do with our trash bag and all the gunk that came out of our nasty bin. I decide to go next door and put my trash in my neighbor's bin. Hey, he did it to me, right? So I pick up my trash bag and gunk with my wet, slimy hands and go next door and drop my trash in his bin.

And then... it happened. Clink!

My wedding ring fell off into his trash can. And it's already full!

I quickly start digging all the trash out of his bin (most of which is not in bags and is also old food, by the way) and realize my ring has slipped all the way to the bottom. I am now officially beginning to panic. I hear his kids in the backyard talking and questioning if they hear someone on the side of their house. I finally tip over his trash can like a raccoon and start rummaging through apparently weeks old trash, while also thinking about what on earth I'd say if the dude or his family were to find me digging through their trash.

I finally get my ring and start loading the trash (including the stuff I had wanted to get rid of) back into his bin. No one ever came out (thank God), but I was ten times smellier and dirtier than I was in the first place.

So email me... bmichaels@977thebreeze.com. Was I totally wrong to put my trash in his bin? Did I get what was coming to me? What do you think I should have said if he had found me? Also, vote on the daily poll at www.977thebreeze.com.

iPhone Part Deux? J-P Morgan reports that Apple plans to launch a cheaper version of its iPhone in the fourth quarter of this year that'll likely be based on the ultra-slim iPod Nano music player. J-P Morgan cites sources in Apple's supply chain.

Apple has also reportedly filed a patent application referring to a "multifunctional hand held device with a circular touch pad control," similar to the Nano’s scroll wheel. One analyst says that with a price point of $300-dollars or lower, it's conceivable that Apple could sell 30-to-40-million of the "bargain" iPhones next year.

Apple has set a goal of 10 million fully-featured iPhones for 2008.

1) At the grocery store, the MAJORITY of what the average person buys is stuff they weren't planning on buying. More than 60% of what you buy at the grocery store is unplanned.

2) We're about 30% more likely to buy something at the END of a shopping aisle than in the middle. The reason: We think things at the end are a better deal.

3) More than 60% of shopping cart handles have coliform bacteria on them. . . that's the bacteria that's best known for dominating the BOTTOM SIDE of TOILET SEAT.