Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MARCH 21, 2007

I think it helped the contestants this week to do songs that for the most part were by “more obscure” artists. Sure, there were a lot of great songs by a lot of great bands performed, but there wasn’t the stigma of having to re-do Motown or a legendary artist’s work.

Several contestants were much better this week… I thought Haley Scarnato, Chris Richardson, Chris Sligh, and even Sanjaya Malakar all had remarkable improvement, although I think the “Big 3” of Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones, and Jordin Sparks (who’s single, by the way, if you missed the 5,000 times she said it—maybe the fact that her dad is an ex-football player has something to do with that…) are still the ones to beat.

Who was good last night? Well, we can talk about Melinda every week, but I thought Jordin and Blake Lewis were great. The “not so good”? I’m still not impressed by Stephanie Edwards, and Gina Glocksen, and even Lakisha didn’t do as well as in previous weeks.
By the way, before we get to the predictions… how funny was that girl who was just beside herself last night? She looked ready to die and go to heaven when Sanjaya came down to hug her. I’d hate to be her in school today…

So here’s the official prediction… Bottom 3… a complete reversal of last week… 3 girls instead of 3 guys… Mark it down, Haley, Gina, and Stephanie will all be in the bottom three. I think they’ll send Haley back to safety, and Stephanie Edwards will be OUT, which is a shame, because she’s more talented than some of the other singers, she just lacks the personality.

We’ll have a complete recap of tonight’s elimination tomorrow at 7:20 during our weekly visit with JD Roberto, the host of American Idol Extra on the FOX Reality Channel.

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