Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MARCH 20, 2007

If you sleep with a snorer. . . one who's got such a POWERFUL snore that it can't be stopped by all the throat sprays, nasal strips, ear plugs and PUNCHES TO THE RIBS in the world. . . here's a STRONG argument for moving into a separate bedroom.

People whose partners snore lose TWO YEARS worth of sleep in their lifetime.

That's based on losing two hours of good sleep, every night, when you sleep with a snorer.

The average relationship is 24 years. . . so, added up, that means you'll lose two full years of sleep in those 24 because of the snoring.

In a survey by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association, more than half of adults say that snoring has affected the way they view their spouse. . . and 85% say their relationship would be better in general if their partner's snoring problem was cured.

By the way, two-thirds of snorers are men.

It appears Shamrock Shakes are no more. Apparently, McDonalds has stopped making them. One of our listeners, Tony, sent some "copy cat" recipes he found on the web. It seems a 1/4 teaspoon of mint extract and 8 drops of green food coloring is all that is needed to turn a vanilla shake into Shamrock shake. I'm going to try it someday soon myself.

Click on the link to see the recipe:

As you know, Bobo The Millenium Clown won our first Mom's Choice Award for Best Children's Entertainer. Here's a note he sent to say thanks...

To Mr. Michaels and the Breeze Radio Family and Listeners,

My wife and I as well as my son listen to you every morning.

We just wanted to show our appreciation and Thank Your Station and all my Bo-Bo and YipYip Fans for making me Their Best Childrens Entertainer 2007.

I've been clowning since 1992 to the best of my ability and Thanks to my fans and to 97.7 The Breeze it has paid off.

Jaime V Entertainment and my Family would like to Thank You once again for Voting Bo-Bo The Millennium Clown Best Childrens Entertainer 2007.

And to all the children in Kern County, Bo-Bo says, "Be Cool Stay In School."

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