Thursday, March 22, 2007

MARCH 22, 2007

Wow… 2 of 2 this year since the Top 12… Yep, it was Stephanie Edwards going home last night… And Chris Richardson joined her in the Bottom 2.

We spoke with JD Roberto from American Idol Extra this morning who said Stephanie was shocked to be going home this early. In fact, it was especially sad for her because her parents have been very supportive of her, and have been in the audience every week… except this week. They decided to go back to work for one week and were convinced Stephanie would at least make it one more round. However. Stephanie said when they announced it would be her or Chris, she knew then what was coming.

Another note… the girl hysterically crying in the audience actually didn’t have tickets to the show… She was there on the lot for a taping of “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”, and got bonus tickets for the Idol dress rehearsal. She did the same thing there, and the producers knew they had to get her on live TV. So, they offered her and her parents tickets to stay in the audience… and moved them to the front row so she could meet Sanjaya Malakar on the air. So much for live, spontaneous TV, right?

Next week, Gwen Stefani will be the guest judge/coach… The theme will be Songs of the 90s…

Some people missed it, and wanted us to let them know the answer...

Question: 60% of women want to change this about their man.
Answer: His FACE!

How sad is that?

If you know you're getting a tax refund. . . but you're as lazy as I am and you still haven't bothered to send in your forms yet. . . this should make you happy. So far this year, the average tax refund is $2,548.

And even if you KNOW you're not in the tax bracket that gets that kind of money back, across the board, refunds are up around $100 from last year. About half of the year's tax refunds have been filed so far.

There is NOTHING worse than being stuck in a boring meeting for three or four hours with the suits. . . while you're trying to keep yourself from falling asleep the whole time. Note these four steps to staying awake during a boring meeting. . .

#1) USE CORRECT POSTURE. Keeping your head up, shoulders back, and spine straight. . . with NO slumping. . . will make you more alert.

#2) EXERCISE. Try to keep your body moving. Shake your legs. . . or if you can. . . get up and walk around the room.

#3) STAY HYDRATED. Drink water or sports drinks that can provide extra energy. You can also drink something with caffeine. . . which will keep you awake, as well. (--But keep in mind. . . caffeine only gives you energy for so long.)

#4) USE INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES. This is the last resort to keeping yourself awake. Pinch yourself. . . gently poke yourself with a pen or paper clip. . . or stare at a bright light.