Thursday, March 1, 2007

MARCH 1, 2007

This morning we had two of the girls from Troop #394 in the studio to tell us all about Girl Scout Cookie sales! There are eight flavors this year... Thin Mints (of course), Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils, All Abouts, Little Brownies (sugar free), and Cafe Cookies. We even gave away a box of each!

If you want to buy Girl Scout cookies, be on the lookout! You'll see the Girl Scouts all around town. The girls from Troop #394 will be at Albertson's on Rosedale and Allen tomorrow (3/2) from 3 PM-7 PM, and at Lowe's on Rosedale on Sunday (3/4) from 12 PM-3 PM. Each box is $4. And the girls are trying to earn enough to get to Disneyland, so help them out!

And vote on the daily poll here... Tell us what your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie is!

The Top 10 girls didn't have as many highlights as last week, but they still put on a good show.

The best? Again, it was Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle doing the best, performing "Midnight Train to Georgia" and "My Funny Valentine" respectively. They are in a league of their own at this point, although I'd watch out for Sabrina Sloan too.

The "not so good"? Antonella Barba must have been out of her mind to try and sing a Celine Dion song... she tried, and didn't do well. Alaina Alexander had another rough week in the eyes of the judges, but I didn't think she did as bad as they made it out to be. I thought Haley Scarnato and Leslie Hunt were also underwhelming.

So, here's the prediciton... I was 1 of 4 last week, so I hope to do better picking the eliminations this week. I think on both sides (guys and girls) you'll see a mild shocker. For the guys, I think it will be Nick Pedro and AJ Tabaldo. That's too bad, because AJ performed better than some of his competition, but a lack of early face time, and a bad performance slot will doom him. For the girls, I'll say Haley Scarnato and Stephanie Edwards. Both those girls will shock some who think it should be Antonella and Alaina, but I think they're both too popular to go this week. Maybe next week, but they'll both get another shot.

Watch for the results tonight at 8 PM on FOX!

This morning, we announced the finalists in all 26 categories of our Mom's Choice Awards. Vote for your favorites as often as you like for the next two weeks. Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations, we appreciate it! And good luck to the finalists... Remember, vote for the finalist who you think gives the best service to families, and makes it easier on you to be a parent! Click here to work on your ballot!

A $50 Friday from Merle Norman Cosmetics... it's your chance to win a gift certificate for some great makeup! Plus, one more chance to Finish The Wiggly Line for Wiggles tickets... and more Five For Fighting tickets before they open the box office... And of course, Willie Waffle has his reviews of the week's new movies. See you starting at 5 AM!