Friday, March 2, 2007

MARCH 2, 2007

Well, a little better than last week... 2 of 4, instead of 1 out of 4. On the boys side, we nailed it... it was AJ and Nick going home. But on the girls side, Alaina and Leslie were the latest two eliminated. Can't say I was too surprised, they probably would have been my picks for next week-- I didn't think they would make the Top 12. Yet you have to agree with the judges that Sanjaya and Antonella both shouldn't have made another week... but you heard it here first-- at least one of them will make the Top 12.

The boys are up again Tuesday night on FOX at 8 PM, with only a one hour show this week.

First dates can be pretty awkward. . . especially since you usually don't know the person very well. Here are eight MAJOR first date mistakes to avoid. . .

1.) YOU ANSWER YOUR CELL PHONE. It's VERY rude to answer your cell phone when you're out on any date. . . and putting the person on hold to answer the call will make them think you're inattentive.

2.) SHOWING OFF. Talking about your interests is fine. . . but you don't want to go on and on about how much money you make or the next expensive car you're going to buy.

3.) BEING RUDE TO THE SERVER. This is a HUGE test of character. It's never a nice thing to be rude to a waiter or waitress. . . so if you have a problem with your food. . . tell them politely.

4.) RUSHING THE DATE. What's the point of even going out on a date if you're just going to make plans with your friends, afterward? Take time to get to know the person. Cut out early only if things aren't going well. . . but don't PLAN to cut the date short in advance.

5.) HAVING BAD EATING MANNERS. Chewing with your mouth open. . . eating off of their plate. . . talking with your mouth full. . . whatever. Your parents taught you NOT to do this stuff for a reason.

6.) GUSHING OVER THEM. Yeah, it's nice to let them know that you're interested in them. . . but you don't want to go overboard by gushing about how much you like them. That may seem borderline obsessive.

7.) BADMOUTHING YOUR EXES. It's really awkward when someone has to sit there and listen to how much you hate your ex for something they did to you. Keep the criticisms to yourself.

8.) BEING CHEAP. Don't order inexpensive wine at dinner. . . and DEFINITELY don't bring coupons. Also. . . offer to take care of the whole bill.

Well, it's been a big topic of debate this week... The squiggly line OR the leaf? Personally, I think neither really screams "WELCOME TO BAKERSFIELD", but some people are taking it really seriously. It was decided, by the way, to change the signs on both sides of Highway 99 coming into Bakersfield to feature the new "leaf logo" (with the slogan, "Bakersfield, Life As It Should Be"). But which did you like better? The squiggly line (like a mountain), or the leaf? Vote on our weekend poll.