Monday, February 12, 2007

FEBRUARY 12, 2007

Here are some Breeze Artists who won awards at Sunday's Grammy Awards!

New Artist: Carrie Underwood
Pop Vocal Album: "Continuum," John Mayer
Female Pop Vocal Performance: "Ain't No Other Man," Christina Aguilera
Male Pop Vocal Performance: "Waiting on the World to Change," John Mayer.
Alternative Music Album: "St. Elsewhere," Gnarls Barkley
Urban/Alternative Performance: "Crazy," Gnarls Barkley

Talking to a boss can be extremely intimidating for a lot people. Here are eight phrases that you should NEVER say to your boss. . .

1) "THAT'S NOT MY JOB." You may think that you have a job description. . . but when it comes to your boss. . . it is completely NULL. If your boss asks you to do something. . . DO IT.

2) "I GOTTA GO HOME. I'M TIRED." Even if you are tired. . . don't admit it to your boss. It makes you look whiny and lazy.

3) "IF I DON'T GET A RAISE. . . I'M QUITTING." Putting up such a dangerous ultimatum is NEVER a good idea. Bosses generally don't like the whole "or else" thing. . . and in most cases, you'll end up without a job.

4) "YOU NEVER TOLD ME TO DO THAT." If you need specific instructions on doing things at work. . . you will be a huge PAIN to your boss.

5) "I CAN'T DO IT. I'M TOO BUSY." Sure, you're supposed to be busy. But bosses HATE when employees say this. If you can't multitask. . . chances are, they'll find someone else who can.

6) "YOU GAVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE ORDERS YESTERDAY." Bosses have a tendency to contradict themselves on occasion. . . but it happens. . . because they have a lot on their minds. Just go with the flow.

7) "I CAN'T MEET UP WITH YOU. SORRY." Yeah, it can really stink spending a boring day with the suits in mind-numbing, unproductive meetings. But you know what? If it gives you the opportunity to network and get ahead. . . you should probably go.

8) "DON'T YELL AT ME!" If, for some reason, you give your boss cause to beat you bloody with his words. . . let him do it. It's best to be silent than to say something you'll regret.

According to a poll, these are the men women dream about after most ...

1) Patrick Dempsey
2) Orlando Bloom
3) Colin Farrell
4) Johnny Depp
5) Jake Gyllenhaal
6) Brad Pitt
7) George Clooney
8) Jon Stewart (??)
9) Jamie Foxx
10) Denzel Washington

You may pay your therapist, but they're still not going to tell you what you need to hear. They'll smile and nod, all the while waiting to say, "Our time is up for today." Going to therapy gives you the opportunity to vent to a nonjudgmental listener. But your therapist isn't going to tell you what you should do. As they say, "You have to figure that out for yourself." But truly -- there are times when there is a clear-cut answer of what you ought to do.

Here's the super-honest advice only therapist's friends get ...

1. "If he won't date you exclusively after three months -- move on." Therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in New York City says, "I help my patients arrive at their own answers. But my friends get my bottom line: Three months is enough time to know if he's serious." If he's stalling, don't try to change his mind with ultimatums. "Let him go," she says.

2. "Stop whining about your job." Hated every job you've ever had? "You may be the problem," says psychologist Gale H. Golden. When a friend kept getting fired for her bad attitude, Golden told her to stop griping and figure out what would make her happy. "Now she actually looks forward to work."

3. "You've got a bad-boy fixation." "For the record, all men are not jerks," says San Francisco marriage and family therapist Tara Fields, Ph.D. "Some women just seek out the bad eggs. I told one friend that if she continued to date creeps who made her miserable, I would refuse to talk to her about them." Fields' advice: Change your dating pool and try to be optimistic -- there are good ones out there.

4. "Your self image is warped." I bet this is the one therapists want to tell their patients all the time! When a friend fixates on her flaws, Fields points out something beautiful: "I'll remind her I see her through different eyes."