Friday, February 9, 2007

FEBRUARY 9, 2007

Happy Aloha Friday...

I was absolutely shocked to hear Anna Nicole Smith passed away at the age of 39 yesterday. Let's face it, she was a woman who was best known for her eccentric personality, for being a centerfold model, and host of a reality TV show. She also made headlines for her marriage to an elderly oil tycoon and the premature death of her 20 year old son just months ago.

This morning, there are all sorts of stories circulating in the news about her private life, her enemies, and her use of illegal substances. It's easy to forget with her wild lifestyle that she recently gave birth to a baby girl, who now, is five months old and will never know her mother. My sympathy goes to her family and friends, and especially her daughter, in what will surely be a media frenzy for the next few weeks. I was not an Anna Nicole fan, but everyone deserves human decency.

Here are some tips from a former burglar about how to hide your money and valuables.

1) DON'T HIDE ALL OF YOUR MONEY TOO WELL. Quote, "If I can't find money and valuables in normal places, like dresser drawers, desks, closets, a safe that's not bolted down and jewelry boxes, I'll tear the house apart until I find something."

So, leave SOME money in obvious places. That way, he won't tear apart your whole house, sparing your hidden cash. . . but causing damage that will cost you WAY MORE in the end.

2) HOW MUCH MONEY SHOULD YOU LEAVE FOR HIM TO FIND? It depends on where you live. In a nice house in a nice area, if he finds $100, he'll assume there's more. But if you're a renter in a so-so area, $100 would make sense.

3) WHAT ABOUT VALUABLES? Take an envelope and put it in your desk drawer. Write "Bank safe deposit box" on the outside, and list a bunch of valuables inside.

Even if those don't exist, it'll make the burglar think all your good stuff is at the bank. . . so he won't tear apart your house looking for it.

4) WHERE SHOULD I HIDE THE REST OF MY MONEY? Try inside kid's toys. . . burglars rarely search kid's rooms. Other good places are: The underside of trash cans, inside laundry detergent, and inside of false packaging, like a Campbell's soup can.

OK, listen up: Pick a number between one and 20. Did you pick. . . 17??? If you did. . . don't be too upset. . . just know that you're like many others. Believe it or not, out of the 20 possible choices, almost one out of five times, if you tell someone to pick a number between one and 20, they'll choose 17.

There's no real scientific explanation why. The best guess: Our first instinct is to pick seven, because that's the most common lucky number. . . but that seems too obvious. . . so our minds jump to 17, 'cause that's less obvious, but still contains the number seven.