Thursday, January 11, 2007

JANUARY 11, 2007

PEOPLE SAY THE RUDEST THINGS TO PREGNANT WOMEN! asked people, "What's the weirdest, rudest or most oblivious thing anyone has said to you while you were pregnant?" Let's put it this way -- people are RUDE! Take a look at some of the responses...

*A woman at the pool said, "You must be having a girl -- they say that girl babies steal their mother's beauty."

*Last week the FedEx guy said, "After you -- your load is bigger than mine."

*A week before I gave birth to my first baby, these two snooty women walked up to me and asked me to my face, "Why aren't you wearing maternity clothes? Do you not believe in them?" And then they walked off laughing at me. I was wearing maternity clothes! They had just stopped fitting at that point!

*My sister-in-law told me today that if I go into labor on Christmas Eve, she will "just have to miss it" because she has to go to the mall for the sales.

*My father-in-law said, "Real women don't need pain medication during labor." I replied, "Real men know when to keep their big mouths shut."

*When I was getting out of the shower the other day, my hubby said I look like a pregnant orangutan! Then he said he didn't mean it in a bad way! How can you mean that in a good way?

This summer, look for Sharp to put out the largest TV in the world... A 108-inch flat screen! No word on what it will cost, but Panasonic's 103-inch runs for $70,000! My question: How do you even get the box in the house??!!

It looks like the bride's parents are off the hook... An poll asked, "Who should pay for a wedding?"

The bride and groom themselves -- 53%
Both the bride's and the groom's parents -- 34%
The bride's parents -- 11%
The groom's parents -- 2%

We'll see what you have to say in our daily poll!

Did you hear about this new playground opening up in New York... First, it has a staff, because second, somebody has to help the kids with the water, ramps, sand, and small boats that allow kids to use their imagination while constructing special structures and interacting with one another. It costs $2 million to build and run and a private individual is putting up all the money so it won't cost taxpayers a dime. What ever happened to monkey bars and swings?

American Idol Season Six is just five days away... On Monday, Heather Cox one of last season's semi-finalists and Jasmine Trias (the third place finisher from season 3) will join us between 7-8 AM, and Ace Young will be on the show Tuesday!

Plus, all season long on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:20 join us for our American Idol report... Recaps, clips, predictions, and news from behind the scenes... And if you miss it, check back here, we'll post all the action online!