Friday, January 12, 2007

JANUARY 12, 2007

We've got a great website to tell you about today. . . it's PERFECT for anyone who's ever wanted to scream at someone on the road. . . but didn't want to endanger others!

Go to . . it's THE spot to go to vent out your road rage. On PlateWire, you enter another driver's license plate, and describe WHY they're a terrible driver. . . so that they get the PUBLIC SHAMING they deserve.

You can also search the archives by license plate, to see if anyone else has complained about the same driver. And, in states where this is legal, you can pay a few bucks to have the site send a LETTER to that driver.

There are about 25,000 plates in PlateWire's database. Occasionally, they're in there for AWARDS for good driving. . . but mostly, it's people venting about drivers on cell phones who cut them off and almost killed them.

And if you're worried about BECOMING a bad driver because you have to take your hands off the wheel to write down someone else's plate number. . . the site has that covered.

Registered members get a free voicemail service. . . so you can dial in. . . using your HANDS-FREE cell phone, so you're not a total hypocrite. . . and leave the details there. Then, you can dial in when you're home, listen to the message. . . and type in the info.

Four ways you can tell if he wants to be more than friends...

*He's animated. If he raises his eyebrows and smiles while talking to you, you've piqued his interest. When his body is equally as amped (for instance, he uses his hands when telling a story), it indicates that he's in the early stages of enthrallment.

*He teases you. If a guy jokes with you by, say, chasing you around the room or picking a play-fight with you, it's his flirty way of letting you know he's interested. You know how guys are always pushing one another around and always cracking up as they call each other names? Although it seems juvenile, men bond with others through these playful interactions. And he may use these childish antics to get closer to you.

*He makes himself available. If he volunteers that he's going to be free on specific days, he's hinting that he wants to see you then. On the flip side, if he goes on about how packed his calendar is, he may be making excuses for why he won't be able to see you again.

*He means what he says. To see if he's being sincere, see if his expression matches what he's saying. If he tells you, "I'd love to take you to my favorite breakfast joint," he should look happy and eager. The truth is expressed through nonverbal -- especially when it comes to guys. You should always go with what his face is telling you, even if his words seems to suggest otherwise.

After snagging Prince for a guest spot on the last season of American Idol, producers are hoping to score more big names for Season Six. Word has it that Mariah Carey will do a favor for former record producer and old friend Randy Jackson by appearing on the show. The A-I judge tells the Associated Press that although nothing's set in stone yet, he and Carey have "tossed it around a bit." If things don't work out with Carey, producers are also looking at other huge music stars, including former Beatle Paul McCartney. Jackson says, "Prince blew the doors off. He is one of the quintessential ones of our time." And Idol exec Cecile Frot-Coutaz adds, The fact we can get Prince is a real tribute to the show... [Now] who knows who we can get." The Sixth Season of American Idol premieres Tuesday night on FOX.