Monday, May 19, 2008

MAY 19, 2008

Auto Vantage released its third annual Road Rage Survey yesterday. This is a list that ranks U.S. cities according to how filled with rage the average driver is. Here's what they found:

The TEN cities with the MOST ROAD RAGE are:

1) Miami
2) Boston
3) New York
4) Baltimore
5) Washington D.C.
6) Atlanta
7) Los Angeles
8) Phoenix
9) Dallas and Tampa were tied for the final spot on the list.

And the TEN cities with the LEAST AMOUNT OF ROAD RAGE are:

1) Pittsburgh
2) Portland
3) Seattle
4) Minneapolis
5) Cleveland
6) Cincinnati
7) Sacramento
8) Chicago
9) San Diego
10) San Francisco

So maybe now you're wondering which activities are MOST LIKELY to enrage your fellow commuter?

44% of people say they're enraged by drivers who cut across lanes without signaling.

49% say they're enraged by drivers who eat or drink while they drive.

56% say they're enraged by drivers who tailgate.

59% say they're enraged by people who drive too fast...

And 88% of people say the activity that's most likely to send them into a fit of road rage... is people who talk on their cell phone while driving.

FYI... Bakersfield wasn't measured because it's not one of the 25 biggest cities, but using their testing method, we would have come up in the middle... closer to the Road Rage list, though.

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