Monday, April 14, 2008

APRIL 14, 2008

Our Keys To The Concert contest is coming up Wednesday morning...

Breeze Family Members... you still have a chance to play! Remember, 80 of the 88 contestants will be Breeze Family Members! We've only received about 60 entries so far, so your chances of getting in are really good! Follow the instructions in your email if you want to play!

Non-BFMs... First of all, sign up! Secondly, you can still play... The remaining contestants will be drawn on-site at Stockdale Music on Wednesday. Stop by starting at 7:30 AM to register. The drawing will be right at 8 AM!

Questions? Email me. Good luck, from 97.7 The Breeze!

Parade magazine's annual "What People Earn" issue came out yesterday. Oprah Winfrey pulled in a hefty $260 million dollars in 2007, more than double the $115 million dollars earned by Tiger Woods.

Here's what some other celebrities made last year...

--OPRAH WINFREY, $260 million
--TIGER WOODS, $115 million
--STEVEN SPIELBERG, $110 million
--DR. PHIL, $90 million
--GISELE BUNDCHEN, $33 million
--MARY-KATE OLSEN, $17 million... (No word what Ashley made.)
--RYAN SEACREST, $12 million
--ELI MANNING, $11.5 million
--KATHERINE HEIGL, $11 million
--JEFF FOXWORTHY, $10 million
--JESSICA ALBA, $9 million
--CARRIE UNDERWOOD, $7 million
--MARISKA HARGITAY, $7 million

#1.) "WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES?" Don't take this LITERALLY and start listing off things that you totally suck at. Instead, put a positive spin on a potential weakness . . . like, "I'm very detail-oriented, sometimes to a fault." Pretty simple, yeah?

#2.) "WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOUR LAST JOB?" This is another tough one that you'll want to put a positive spin on. Don't berate your old boss, or call your former co-workers morons. Say something like, "I wanted to go to a job that was a little more challenging."

#3.) "WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK HERE?" I cannot emphasize this enough . . . ALWAYS research your company before you go to the interview. This is what they're asking here. Add a couple facts that you've learned about the company into your answer.

#4.) "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF." Don't go into your entire life history. No one cares about that. Just list some traits and accomplishments that you think are relevant to the position you're interviewing for.

#5.) "TELL ME ABOUT THE WORST BOSS YOU'VE EVER HAD." This is a total trick. They're basically leading you in this question. Don't fall for it. Just say that none of your past bosses were awful, but you learned from some more than others.

You can tell a lot about a person from that very first handshake... so you definitely want to make sure that it's a GOOD ONE. Here's what your handshake says about you...

1) AN OVERLY-POWERFUL GRASP. If you do this, you're trying to exert your POWER over the other person. And honestly, there's really no need for that. Ease up on the grip a little.

2) A WIMPY GRASP. This one conveys absolutely no affinity for the other person whatsoever. While you don't want to crush bones, you don't want to give a weak handshake, either. Stay somewhere in between the two.

3) THE SWEATY PALM. This is pretty self-explanatory... and DISGUSTING. Please... do NOT shake someone else's hand if yours is sweaty. Wipe your hand off first. Or just don't shake their hand at all.

4) THE "NEVER LET GO". This, too, shows a power struggle. It's OK to be the first person to drop out of the handshake. A good rule of thumb is to shake for two or three pumps, and then let go.

5) COVERING THE OTHER PERSON'S HAND. This usually means that the handshake is SECRETIVE... and you don't want other people to see it.