Thursday, April 10, 2008

APRIL 10, 2008

Well, certainly more star-studded than last year, it was quite an experience watching Idol Gives Back on TV... Here are my thoughts...

#1) I know Miley Cyrus is popular with kids, but two songs last night, when an Idol alum like Carrie Underwood or Chris Daughtry only got one?

#2) I think it was in poor taste for Robin Williams to joke about "Meal or No Meal"... I know he didn't intend to be offensive, but know your audience, man.

#3) Speaking of Carrie Underwood, how good was she last night. I've already downloaded "Praying For Time" on iTunes. I suggest you do the same. We played it on the air this morning.

#4) Julie and I laughed at Peyton Manning because he was mouthing Eli's lines off the cue cards as he was reading them and waiting for his turn to speak.

#5) Teri Hatcher isn't a totally bad singer.

#6) Forrest Whitaker's segment gave me goosebumps.

#7) Whether it's the IGB charities, or somewhere else, I think it's great that American Idol is urging its viewers to give back to charities in some capacity. This show makes mega-millions... commercials, video games, ice creams, etc. And it was good to hear that Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul donated their salaries for the week to the cause. For Cowell, that's over $1 million.

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According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive, U.S. adults see firefighters, scientists, teachers, doctors, military officers and nurses as the most prestigious occupations. The least prestigious? Real estate brokers, actors, bankers, accountants, entertainers, stockbrokers, union leaders, journalists, business executives and athletes!

Actors and athletes -- who make the MOST money? Hmmm... People SAY teachers have an important job, but their paycheck says otherwise. In fact, their paychecks make it seem as though they are not doing something very important -- unlike actors -- who get paid ridiculous sums to play "make believe."