Thursday, March 6, 2008

MARCH 6, 2008

Here's what you missed last night with the ladies performing hits from the 80s...

Asia'h Epperson started the show with "I Want to Dance With Somebody." Randy Jackson said, "That was hot." Paula Abdul added, "You nailed it." Simon Cowell brought Asia'h back down to Earth by saying, "At best, it was second-rate Whitney Houston."

Kady Malloy belted out the Queen song "Who Wants to Live Forever" from the Highlander movie. Randy thought it was an interesting song choice. Paula said, "To date, this was your best performance." Simon slammed her. "I'm still having issues with your massive lack of personality. You're like a robot when you sing."

Amanda Overmyer impressed all the judges with her rocking version of "I Hate Myself for Loving You." Randy said, "Well done, baby." Paula said, "You found your niche." Simon gushed, "I thought it was fantastic. You absolutely nailed that song... It was one of my favorite girl performances of the entire part of this competition."

Irish singer Carly Smithson sang "I Drove All Night." Randy said, "You keep smashing it every week. Dude, another great performance." Paula likened Carly to a "dependable dog" for her consistently solid performances. Simon took issue with her choice of song. "I didn't like it. You're a million times better than that song."

Kristy Lee Cook did a country version of Journey's "Faithfully." Randy liked the arrangement. Paula said, "That could be a hit for you in country music." Simon wasn't impressed. "I still think your problem is you're forgettable. At best, I can see you coming in 10th."

Ramiele Malubay fell flat with a version of Phil Collin's "Against All Odds." Randy said, "I thought it was a pretty good vocal, but find that confidence again." Paula, after much rambling, said, "You deserve to be in the Top 12." Simon thought it was old-fashioned and predictable.

Brooke White did a folky take on the Pat Benatar song "Love Is a Battlefield." Randy said, "I don't know if you brought anything new to the song, but it was definitely interesting." Paula thought it was a very wise choice. Simon said, "Once again, two weeks running, you've done a great performance."

Syesha Mercado closed the competition with "Saving All My Love for You." The judges didn't have much to say, but liked what they heard. Randy said, "Good, good." Paula said, "Sophisticated. Lovely." Simon said, "Predictable but good."

So here's the official prediction... for the guys, David Archuleta, David Hernandez, David Cook, Michael Johns, and Jason Castro are locks. That means only one guy gets in... and I'm going Chekieze. Luke is certainly gone, and that means Danny Noriega is out.

For the women, I think Carly Smithson, Brooke White, and now Amanda Overmeyer are locks. That leaves three spots... Ramiele Malubay, I'm pretty sure will get in. Being the only "country" voice, I think Kristy Lee Cook gets in too. So that now leaves one spot left, which I think goes to Syesha Mercado. It will be a shame to see Asia'h eliminated, but she went first, sang Whitney, and just did okay. And Kady Malloy... out for sure.

So... we'll see tomorrow... Danny, Luke, Kady, and Asia'h are the picks!

How many times has THIS happened? You're hard at work, dutifully doing your job when the guy in the next cubicle starts snoring away. Chances are, he's part of the majority of Americans not getting enough sleep. Then again, you probably are too...

The National Sleep Foundation has released a survey which found that 65% of Americans have some sort of sleeping problem. And even if they don't, they're probably STILL not getting enough sleep.

According to the study, the average American goes to bed at 10:53 P.M. and gets up at 5:35 A.M. That means the guy making your latte... or performing your triple bypass surgery... is probably working on less than seven hours of sleep.

(Opinions on this vary, but most experts recommend we get AT LEAST eight hours every night.)

Since we're walking around tired almost all the time, it's no surprise that 29% of Americans have fallen asleep at work in just the past MONTH. And how's this for scary? In the last year, 36% of Americans have fallen asleep while driving (--that's over 100 million people)...

The editors of Marie Claire advise on things men should never do around us ...
*Reveal how much his car cost. Sounds so braggy.
*Clean his gun.
*Polish high school trophies
*Refer to his mother as his best friend.
*Check out our assistant/roommate/the baby-sitter.
*Question our footwear
*Tip less than 15%.
*Celebrity impressions.
*Impressions of us.
*Forget to carry cash.
*Use the words b***h [witch], slut, tramp, or whore
*Flip it, flop it, swing it around, tug on it, adjust it... Enough said!

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie from HBO's Flight of the Conchords list the surprising things guys actually don't consider deal breakers. So listen up, ladies -- here's what you can get away with...

*Bad table manners. "Mine aren't the best," says Jemaine. "I don't notice until meat is flying."

*Being an occasional fashion victim. "We're excited to be with you, and don't want to rob you of your individuality," explains Jemaine. "However, over time, we may suggest new clothes to replace a few badly chosen favorites."

*Treating his friends like idiots. "Some of our friends are idiots," says Jemaine.

*Not being a woman of mystery. "Who are we to tell you to close the bathroom door?" asks Jemaine. "We'll just stand watch when there are guests."

*Snoring. I'd attach a saxophone to her nose while she slept, get out my guitar and play along with some sweet jazz," says Brett.