Friday, March 28, 2008

MARCH 28, 2008

WALK MS 2008
Don't forget, April 5th is Walk MS 2008 at Yokuts Park. Opening Ceremonies are at 8:30 AM, and the walk starts at 9! Get a team together, or walk as an individual...About 650 people in Bakersfield alone suffer from MS, and a new case is diagnosed once an hour in the United States... Be a part of the cure! Click here for the details on how to register!

A group of investors thinks Americans are ready to pony up $35 for a movie ticket. The execs have partnered to bring the luxury cinema circuit Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas to the U.S. They were founded in Australia in 1997. The partners will spend $200 million to build 50 theaters nationwide over the next five years, with the first two venues set to open in South Barrington, a suburb of Chicago, and the Seattle suburb of Redmond in October. The cinema will feature made-to-order meals like sushi and other theater-friendly foods from on-site chefs. All at your fingertips, thanks to a service button at each seat--which calls a waiter. Quoting one exec, "It's a new way to go to the movies. It's like what Mercedes is to a Toyota or like flying first class in an airplane." ~~ Each complex will sport theaters featuring 40 reclining armchair seats with footrests, digital projection and the capability to screen 2-D and 3-D movies, as well as a lounge and bar serving cocktails and appetizers, a concierge service and valet parking.

So is it worth it to you?

As you head off to work this morning... preparing your heart and mind for another day at the office... try not to think about how much of your paycheck goes to taxes...

Every year at tax time, a group called the Tax Foundation releases a report that shows how many days you have to work in a given year to pay all your taxes. Here are their latest numbers:

The amount of days you have to work on average each year JUST to pay your federal taxes is... 74 days. That's almost four months just to pay the Federal tax. Then you'll work another 39 days to pay for state and local taxes.

In all, you'll work 113 days... just to pay taxes. That's about five-and-a-half months of your entire work year.