Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MARCH 26, 2008

Rating last night's performances... from best to worst...

TIE #1) David Cook
TIE #1) Michael Johns
#3) Kristy Lee Cook
#4) David Archuleta
#5) Carly Smithson
#6) Brooke White
#7) Syesha Mercado
#8) Ramiele Malubay
#9) Jason Castro
#10) Chikeze Eze

Here is the official elimination pick...
Bottom 3: Jason Castro, Chikeze Eze, Ramiele Malubay
Out: Chikeze Eze

Penn Jillette and Monica Seles were the pair of celebs falling in last night's double-elimination Dancing With the Stars. Among the men, T-V and radio personality Adam Corolla was barely survived the cut over the loveable illusionist, while the retired tennis great's robotic performances made her a clear choice to get cut.

Next week's Dancing With the Stars resumes it's regular schedule of Monday night performances and Tuesday night eliminations.

When it comes to a romantic meal out, most women want to be pampered - and most don't expect to pay either.

According to a survey, 50 per cent are a "cursory purse grabber" - someone who makes as if to pay, but doesn't really intend to. Only three in ten offer to go Dutch, while the rest simply sit back and do nothing.

Meanwhile, the survey of more than 1,240 diners claims that 85 per cent of men would quietly pick up the bill when the woman leaves the table to visit the restroom.The survey also showed that chivalry is not dead, with nearly 75 per cent of men still prepared to pay even if the date had not gone well. Most will also let a woman choose where to sit in a restaurant and let her order first.

Asked the same set of questions, 81 per cent of women agreed they liked to choose where to sit and just three per cent said they wanted a man to order for them.

Asked what they considered was "the height of chivalry", 36 per cent said it was the man picking up the bill, 37 per cent that he kept her wine glass topped up and 27 per cent that he stood up when a woman left the table.

Still, some men are still complete cads. Fifteen per cent said if the waitress started flirting with them, they would flirt right back.

THE 10 HEALTHIEST CHAIN RESTAURANTS IN AMERICA just came out with a list of the 10 healthiest chain restaurants in America... and you're going to be surprised to find out who's on the list.

The list was created by judges who rated over 40 different kinds of chain restaurants based on factors like availability of healthy foods, portion control and easy access to nutritional information.

Now, the restaurants on this list still have a ton of food that's bad for you, but it's up to you to order the healthy stuff. So, here's the list:

--DENNY'S. No, the stack of pancakes isn't good for you, but anything on the "Fit Fare" menu is.

--OLIVE GARDEN. Healthy foods like whole wheat pasta are highlighted on the menu.


--ROMANO'S MACARONI GRILL. Anything on the "Sensible Fare" menu won't clog your arteries like the lasagna will.


--BOB EVANS. They make healthy sides like fruit readily available.


--MIMI'S CAFÉ. They include a "lifestyle menu" with a ton of low-carb foods.

--SOUPLANTATION AND SWEET TOMATOES. All the vegetables in their salad bar are fresh and healthy.

--UNO CHICAGO GRILL. Yes it's a pizza joint... but they have a "fat free" menu which includes plenty of grilled entrees.

If you're green with envy over the latest "Kelly" handbag by Hermes, and can't cough up the thousands of dollars for the privilege -- and cachet -- of owning one-- help is at hand. Rent the bag online.

There is now a number of American websites offering thousands of handbags from brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, each for rent by the week or the month, with an option to buy.

On the "Bag Borrow or Steal" website, a Bottega Veneta number in woven leather costs 90 dollars per week or 229 dollars per month for non-members -- members receive a 30 percent discount.

A crocodile skin "Kelly" bag -- named after the legendary actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly -- by fashion pioneer Hermes will set non-members back a whopping 500 dollars per week.Since the website's debut in early 2004, business has doubled each year, with early 2008 already showing a 57-percent increase.

The website creator says, "Instead of buying a 1,000-dollar handbag, a much stronger value proposition is a rental for 100 dollars".