Friday, March 14, 2008

MARCH 14, 2008

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Flying can be pretty stressful. But if the guy sitting next to you is an obnoxious jerk, it can make your trip downright miserable. Here are 12 rules to follow to ensure YOU'RE not the jerk making someone miserable on your next flight.

When you recline your seat, don't just slam it back. Give a courtesy look to give the person behind you a "heads up"... then recline slowly.

Some people put their carry-on bag in the first available overhead bin. Don't do that. You don't have to stow your bag directly above your seat, but you should keep it in the general area.

Keep your clothing modest. There will probably be kids on the plane with you.

If you have a window or an aisle seat, you only get ONE armrest. The poor sucker jammed into the middle seat gets TWO.

Please keep public displays of affection to a minimum.

Parents... keep your kids in line. And on the flip-side... if you don't have kids... cut the parents on the plane a break. Kids can get crazy... and sometimes they just unravel.

Stay in your seat during drink service. How obnoxious is it if the flight attendant has to wheel her cart all the way to the back of the plane just so you can use the bathroom?

If you're sitting in a window seat, make up your mind about the window shade. Either leave it open... or keep it shut. Let the other passengers adjust to a steady amount of light.

Don't draw your neighbor into a conversation if it's clear they don't want to talk. And on the off chance they DO want to talk to you, take it to the back of the plane if it lasts longer than ten minutes. Seriously, nobody wants to hear your conversation.

And as far as talking on your cell phone goes... keep your voice down. I repeat... nobody wants to hear your conversation.

Leave the bathroom as clean as you found it. If that means wiping out the sink, then that's what you need to do.

And if someone is kicking your seat, let them know you're annoyed as politely as possible. If that doesn't work, tell the flight attendant or move to a different seat. And if YOU'RE the one doing the kicking... just stop it.