Monday, February 25, 2008

FEBRUARY 25, 2008

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Like Jon Stewart as the host? Here are some of his best one liners...

A study found that just expecting to laugh can boost your mood! So go ahead, and plan on seeing a funny movie today! And Speaking Of Good Moods...

If he's in a grouchy funk, there's a way to get him out of it. If you don't feel like doing that, here are some other suggestions (from Carol Bruess, co-author of What Happy Couples Do)...

Do him a favor. Guys are action-oriented, so any task that you don't usually do is interpreted as a treat. Getting his dry cleaning or his favorite candy is the guy equivalent of running a bubble bath. Good advice.

Give him a bare hug. Try a hug before bed. "It gives you that quick connection but doesn't require talking," [says Carol Bruess].

Repeat a loving move. Whether it's watching his TV shows with him or scratching his back, anything you've done to show affection is doubly powerful when he's down. Good advice! It's like when you're sick -- you would love someone to just bring you chicken soup.

For many kids, the dream of college seems completely unattainable... because tuition costs a FORTUNE... and their parents aren't loaded.

But beginning next year... if you're accepted into Stanford University and your parents make LESS than $100,000 a year... your tuition is FREE. And if your parents earn less than $60,000... you also get FREE housing.

Tuition at Stanford this year is $34,800. Room and board is close to $11,000. So if you get into Stanford, and your parents make less than $60,000, Stanford will foot the entire bill for your tuition and housing. . . which amounts to around $46,000 a year.

But make no mistake... getting into Stanford isn't easy. Only 7% of all applicants were accepted last year. Most students need at least a 4.0 GPA and SAT scores in at least the 2300 range. (--I say "most" students because there are all sorts of variables beyond just grades and SATs.)

Stanford is doing this in response to criticism that private colleges are getting wealthier because of huge tax-exempt contributions... but aren't making college more affordable to kids who don't come from wealthy families.

And Stanford can certainly afford it. The school's endowment is $17.1 BILLION... which makes it the third wealthiest college behind Harvard and Yale.