Monday, January 28, 2008

JANUARY 28, 2008

As the writers' strike brings Hollywood's scripted shows to a halt, we've listed how many new episodes of your favorite shows there are still left to see...

What's Left of What's Airing...
Reno 9-11 (Comedy Central)- 14
Everybody Hates Chris (The CW)- 11
The L Word (Showtime)- 9
One Tree Hill (The CW)- 8
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX)- 6
Medium (NBC)- 6
Las Vegas (NBC)- 5
Carpoolers (ABC)- 5
October Road (ABC)- 5
Monk (USA)- 4
Psych (USA)- 4
Prison Break (FOX)- 3
Friday Night Lights (nBC)- 3
House (FOX)- 2
Boston Legal (ABC)- 2
Brothers & Sisters (ABC)- 1
C-S-I: New York (CBS)- 1

What's Set to Return...
Men in Trees (ABC)- 11
Lost (ABC)- 8
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)- 8
Dirt (FX)- 7
Scrubs (NBC)- 4
Back to You (FOX)- 3
Samantha Who? (ABC) -3
'Til Death (FOX)- 3

After seven straight years of SILVER being the most popular color for cars, it's finally been replaced.

According to a study of 2007's cars by the people at DuPont (--the paint company), last year, WHITE was the most popular car color for the first time since 1999. For every other year in the 2000s, silver was number one.

But last year, in North America, 19% of the vehicles manufactured were white. Silver was second, at 18%... then black, at 16%.

Red came in fourth, at 13%... then gray and blue, tied at 12%... beige or brown at 5%... yellow or gold at 3%... green at 2%... and all of the other colors tied in last place at under 1%.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, who's the director of the Pantone Color Institute, white isn't just getting dominant in the auto industry, but everywhere... furniture, fashion, consumer products and industrial design