Thursday, January 24, 2008

JANUARY 24, 2008

Only 23 contestants earned tickets to Hollywood from Charleston, South Carolina last night, and their performances combined for about 23 seconds of airtime. Most of Wednesday’s broadcast recapping the auditions was focused on those who got denied.

The best, I guess, was London Weidberg lost her father to cancer three years ago, and said she’d put her musical dreams on hold to be with him at the end. She sang well, but Simon accurately said that there are thousands of equally talented singers like her in bars across the country. But he voted to send her to Hollywood anyway.

The brother-sister duet of Michelle and Jeffrey Lampkin sang “I’m Your Angel” by R. Kelly and Celine Dion. Jeffrey got better reviews than his younger sister, though neither really wowed the judges. But both got tickets to Hollywood anyway.

On Tuesday, the auditions move to Nebraska-- Omaha, specifically. Catch it on FOX 58 at 8 PM!

We've heard stories like this before, but here's MORE proof to back it up. If you want to live a longer, healthier life... every once in a while, you and your husband or wife just need to SCREAM at each other for a couple of hours.

A team at the University of Michigan studied 192 couples over 17 years, and, taking things like age, smoking and weight out of the equation, they found the healthiest couples are the ones who, sometimes, have HUGE fights. (--Verbal, though... not physical.)

The reason: It lets them get all of their anger out, instead of burying it... letting the anger live inside of you... and cause you all kinds of permanent stress.

If you're one of those lucky women whose boyfriend or husband has no problem with the words "I love you," you're probably in the minority. Most of us have a hell of a time getting our guy to say what we long to hear, even if it is only 3 little words. But clues us in to some other ways your guy might be saying "I love you"...

He stares into your eyes.
The eyes are more than just windows to a man's soul, they can also tell us what's in his heart. There are two types of "I-love-you" looks. There's the secret stare he gives while you're not looking -- you'll have to catch him in the act of looking you over. Then there's the steady gaze. Guys are guarded when it comes to showing emotion.If they lock eyes for a full-on stare, they're lowering their shield to let you in.

He thinks of you while grocery shopping.
Discovering that his kitchen is loaded with girly things like Diet Coke or low-fat ice cream shows you're on his mind in the most unexpected places -- like the supermarket. Furthermore, having unmistakable evidence at his place that shows there's a woman in his life is a good sign he's in love.

He talks about his future plans.
Telling you he plans to relocate out west one day may seem like a warning not to get any long-term ideas. However, it might also be his way of letting you know he wants you in his future. It's all in the way he talks. If he tells you he wants to move to Tahiti, be a beach bum, and ogle the local girls, no dice.If he sees himself eventually settling in Aspen, then asks you if you could live there, he's sending out serious long-term vibes.

He wears the sweater you gave him.
Trusting you with his wardrobe is something few men do easily. Not that guys are really all that picky about their appearance -- it's just that they take pride in being themselves. So, when a guy wears some item he obviously didn't pick out for himself, he's showing that he's letting you take control. It's a bold statement.

He stands right next to you in public.
Where he stands when you're out together says a lot about where you stand in his life. When a man's still uncertain about his feelings, he'll either trail behind you or get out in front and lead the way -- two positions that keep his wandering eyes hidden. But if he's in love, he'll squelch this most basic male instinct. Sidling up shoulder-to-shoulder is his way of showing his commitment by letting other girls know he's taken.

He doesn't flinch if you pick up his phone.
Men never know what potentially damaging force might be lurking on the other end of the phone, from ex-girlfriends looking for a last fling to a nosy mom. If a guy lets you answer his phone, it means there's nothing he wants to keep concealed from you.