Thursday, December 20, 2007

DECEMBER 20, 2007

So many parties, so much eating to do. Maybe knowing which treats are worse will help you avoid them -- but probably not. After a drink or two, all good decisions go out the window.

Instead of ... a handful of peanuts (165 calories) -- try a handful of pretzels (50).

Instead of ... 2 chocolate chip cookies (215 calories) -- try 2 one inch squares of fudge (135).

Instead of ... a handful of chips and dip (220 calories) -- try a handful of buttered popcorn (40).

Instead of ... spiked eggnog (440 calories) -- try champagne (105).

Instead of ... white wine (120 calories) -- try white wine spritzer (60).

This is such a PERFECT way for a low-level scumbag criminal to get busted stealing Christmas presents. Perfect.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police in Boston got a call from a family whose apartment had been robbed... the thief had taken all of their presents from under their Christmas tree. He also took a flat-screen TV.

Fortunately, the thief was an IDIOT... so when the police got there, they were able to solve the case really easily.

Some of the TINSEL from the family's Christmas tree had fallen on the presents... and when the thief was stealing them, he left a TRAIL OF TINSEL behind him.

The police followed the trail of tinsel from the victims' door to the door of another apartment in the building.

Inside, they found 20-year-old Fernando Mays... and all of the victims' stuff. He was arrested and has been charged with breaking and entering.

23% of jewelry purchases are made in December.

Here are some tips to keep YOU from driving unsafely during the holidays . . .

1) GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE. If you're driving a long way to visit family or friends, don't wait until the night before to get all your packing and preparing done. Do it sooner so you can get a good night's sleep to stay awake for the drive.

2) TRAVEL DURING THE DAY. Get the brunt of your driving done during the day, when visibility is best. If the weather turns bad . . . pull over and take a break somewhere until the conditions improve.

3) DON'T DEPEND ON COFFEE. Caffeine only has a temporary effect of keeping you awake, and once it wears off, you might be even sleepier.

4) KNOW WHEN TO STOP. It's a good idea to make a rest stop every two hours or 100 miles, especially if you're traveling with kids or pets.

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