Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DECEMBER 19, 2007

Here are a few suggestions from the book A Woman's Guide to Men's Gifts:

Buy him anything for his car. Men love gifts for their cars.

Don't buy him socks. Don't buy him a tie. That's a "mom" gift.

New remote controls are always good. They're always coming out with newer and better ones.

If he's not a Mr. Fix It type, don't buy him anything that says "some assembly required" on the box. It will ruin his day when he can't put it together.

Tickets to a sporting event is always good. Bonus points if you let him take his buddies instead of you!

Men love to BBQ ... Get him a monster barbecue with a 100-pound propane tank.

And when in doubt, buy him a cordless drill.

According to a poll by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 47% of Americans say they've Googled themselves. (--If you don't know what that means, it's searching for yourself in Google to see if your name is on any websites.)

Back in 2002, only 22% of Americans said they'd Googled themselves.

53% of people say they've searched online for information about someone else, not including celebrities or politicians.

Of the people who've Googled themselves, about 75% say they've only done it once or twice. And only 4% say they found embarrassing or inaccurate information about themselves online.

Face it, you're going to cram as much food into your mouth as you can this holiday season. Or at the very least -- drink yourself into holiday oblivion. Don't fight it. Indulge. You deserve. But try to combat the bulge by doing a few extra credit calorie burners...

Heading to the mall? Park at the farthest corner of the lot so you're forced to take a nice brisk walk.

Take your dog for a spin around the neighborhood -- even when he doesn't really need to go.

Don't just stand there -- walk up and down escalators. Better yet, just take the stairs.

Go sledding with your kids. For an extra workout, pull them back uphill on their sleds.

Hit the local rink or a frozen pond for a skate - you can burn around 400 calories in an hour.

1) BUY "SAFER" TOYS. With all the toys that have been recalled because they contain LEAD... you're no doubt concerned about safety. Check out this site, which lists product safety and recall info for toys...

2) DON'T THROW AWAY EXPIRED COUPONS. The coupons stores offer up during the holidays generally expire after a month, but even so, they'll probably still honor the coupon if you use it after the expiration date.

3) HAVE SOMEONE HELP YOU. Have a friend, spouse or other family member help you on the big shopping days. This way, it'll be easier to check out several different places in the mall at the same time.

4) DON'T RUSH TO BUY BIG ELECTRONICS. Better deals on electronics like flat screen TV's and computers happen around the last couple weeks before Christmas, because the stores don't want to get stuck with excess merchandise after the holidays.