Monday, December 17, 2007

DECEMBER 17, 2007

1. Create a festive runner for your table by rolling out a length of holiday wrapping paper. When the party is over, crumble it and toss is it (recycle, of course ...).

2. For a sit-down dinner, invest in dining chair slip covers (which start at $20 each). Choose red and reuse it on Valentine's Day and Fourth of July!

3. Fill an oversize, clear glass bowl with a tangle of all-white or even multicolored Christmas tree lights, and plug them in for a modern holiday touch (or if you just didn't get a tree this year).

Johnny Depp is a regular "Sweety Todd" when it comes to his fans. The actor has been named the best Hollywood star when it comes to giving out his autograph, by Autograph magazine. Will Ferrell, on the other hand, finds signing autographs no laughing matter, and topped the magazine's list of worst signers. Depp edged out Matt Damon on the list of celebs happy to dole out their John Hancocks, followed by George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Rosario Dawson, John Travolta, Katherine Heigl, Jay Leno, Dakota Fanning and Russell Crowe. Ferrell topped Tobey Maguire on the magazine's enemies list, followed by Joaquin Phoenix, William Shatner, Renee Zellweger, John Malkovich, Julie Andrews, Bruce Willis, Teri Hatcher and Scarlett Johansson.

Who would have guessed Jack Nicholson is great at giving his autograph, while Will Ferrell is mean?

Designer Michael Kors lays down his party-season laws. Take a look...

*It's the season for parties. Velvet is a great fabric for this time of year, but don't think about mixing it with any other holiday-style ingredients. You'll look like Mrs. Claus or a too-sweet Christmas cookie.

*Tartan can be festive. Do slip on a classic plaid for the holidays, but in a sexy shape -- like one of this year's skinny pants or mini-dresses or skirts.

*Simple hair is better. If you aren't sure what to do with your hair, don't think that a crazy swirl of Christmas ribbons in your hair is the answer. Who does? Do think about tying your hair back in a classic ponytail with a simple satin ribbon. You'll look holiday-ish but not jokey.

*When it comes to shiny stuff... Don't forget -- tinsel is for trees, not women. So stick to one shiny piece per outfit. And do balance shine with simple hair, makeup and jewelry. Sequins, red lips, glitzy jewels and bedroom hair combined will have you looking like a crazy old lady.

*Try a mini and tights. Do pair one of the new short, tunic-y shifts or sweater dresses with tights and flats. But don't think about white tights -- anything that looks like what you wore to sit on Santa's lap at age eight is a definite adult don't.

*What about earrings? Do try a dramatic drop earring with some movement for a touch of seasonal glamour. Don't wear any earrings that look suspiciously like you removed them from the Christmas tree. Anything that can resemble an ornament should hang from the tree, not from the girl.

*Beware the Santa knits. If to you the holiday means cozying up in a sweater, do try a snowflake-motif in a fitted shape. With a denim skirt, thick, black tights and knee-high boots, it'll look festive and sexy. But don't even think about a sweater with a Christmasasy face or animal. Santa and reindeer are for cards, not clothing.