Friday, December 14, 2007

DECEMBER 14, 2007

Unless someone happens to mention they want something a few weeks or months before the holidays, you have to think up a present they'd want. And unless you're one of those perky people who always happen to find the right gift (how do they do that?), you grumble to yourself while roaming the mall endlessly. That's why everyone should start hinting for the holidays!

So what does HE want, ladies? Glamour polled 1,600 men to find out: What do they dream about getting from you, and what do they dread?

Yes, Please...
Tickets to a sporting event: 79% said yes; 21% said no. It's a great gift -- if you don't expect him to take you. It's more fun for guys to belittle their buddy on the ride home after his team beats his friend's, than have you just fall asleep.

DVD or DVD set: 75% said yes; 25% said no. If you buy him the first season of his favorite show without him asking you for it, you know what he likes and you're gold. If you watch it with him, you're solid gold!

iPod: 75% said yes; 25% said no. There's always a new, cooler model to be had. And bonus points for taking the time to put his favorite songs on it.

Watch: 72% said yes; 28% said no. A man who takes pride in himself needs a nice watch -- it's up there with a nice car.

No Thanks!
Tickets to a play: 72% said no; 28% said yes. Unless he's the theater type, the tickets seem like more of a gift for you.

Wallet: 58% said no; 42% said yes. You might think his is ratty, but he thinks it's perfect. Once it's nicely broken in and comfortable enough to sit on, he won't want to give it up for a new one.

Bathrobe: 77% said no; 23% said yes. In general, a guy's dream gift doesn't come from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Scarf: 86% said no; 23% said yes. Imagine him getting a nicely wrapped gift and excitedly opening it to discover ... a scarf. Not exciting. He'd rather YOU keep the gift.

According to a survey by Pet Supplies Plus, this year, the average pet owner is going to buy their pet 6.7 presents for Christmas. 93% say it's more fun to shop for their pets than human relatives... and 95% say it's easier.

26% spend more on presents for their pets than they do on presents for their relatives.

97.7 The Breeze and the Bakersfield SPCA invite you and your pet to our Santa Paws event on Saturday at the Bakersfield SPCA (3000 Gibson Street) from 11 AM-5 PM! You can make a donation to the SPCA in cash or of food, find out more about adopting a pet, and bring your animal to be photographed with Santa! It’s Santa Paws… with the Bakersfield SPCA, and 97-7 The Breeze!