Monday, October 29, 2007

OCTOBER 29, 2007

Congratulations to Kristen Goree, our first Celine Dion grand prize winner! She'll get tickets to one of Celine's final shows at Caesar's Palace and stay at a great hotel in New York!

So you're not like the rest of the people who ran out and got their Catwoman and Captain Jack Sparrow costumes early... and you don't have a costume yet for a Halloween party.

Lucky for you, we have a handful of costumes that you can put together at the last minute. These are pretty lame though. Don't expect to impress anyone if you go with one of these ideas...

1) CLARK KENT. All you really need for this is a white button-down shirt, a boring tie without a pattern, a blazer, a blue T-shirt, hair gel and thick-framed black plastic glasses. (--You can find inexpensive glasses at pharmacies and just pop out the lenses.)

Do a Google search for the Superman logo. Print it out and paste it to your blue shirt underneath the button down.

At the party, you can rip open the white button-down to show the Superman logo underneath. This will also show the ladies what an unimaginative moron you are.

2) BAG OF JELLYBEANS. Blow up some multi-colored balloons about twice the size of your fist... the smaller the better. Take a large, clear trash bag, and cut holes for your arms and legs. When you're ready to leave, step in the bag and fill it with the balloons.

3) MUMMY. You should try to use something OTHER than toilet paper for this, in case it rains. Use actual gauze, which you can buy at any drug store. Have someone wrap you with the gauze. Then put baby powder over the gauze to finish it off.

4) SPAM MONSTER. This is ridiculous. Fox News suggests you print out a bunch of Spam emails and tape them all over your body.

After you're finished taping the messages to your body, print out one page with the word "INBOX" in bold letters, and tape it to your forehead.

5) SUDOKU. If you're familiar with Sudoku, then you might like this costume. If you don't know what Sudoku is, then skip this idea and enjoy not being the geekiest Halloween party attendee. But if you MUST, here's the Sudoku Costume idea...

Buy two pieces of four-foot by four-foot cardboard. Search the web for two Sudoku puzzles, and copy the clues and grids onto the pieces of cardboard with a marker.

Make shoulder straps out of duct tape and wear it like a sandwich board. Hang a marker on a string so people at the party can FILL OUT THE board.

That's not all... be sure to print out sheets with the answers to the puzzles so you can tell people if they solved it correctly. If that doesn't make you the life of the party, what will?

10: Average number of jobs a woman has held by age 38.