Monday, October 22, 2007

OCTOBER 22, 2007

"Travel and Leisure" magazine just published the results of a massive, 60,000-person survey, where they asked tourists to rate 25 of the biggest American cities in a ton of different categories.

And there's one category that we're focused on the most: LEAST ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE. According to 60,000 American tourists, the city with the least attractive residents is... PHILADELPHIA.

Philadelphia just edged out Washington, D.C., Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Orlando.

Miami was named the city with the MOST attractive people. It just beat out San Diego; Charleston, South Carolina; Austin; and Honolulu (Did I mention I'm from there?).

Philadelphia got its best score in the historical sites and monuments category. The people in the survey rated Philadelphia's historical sites and monuments number two in the country, behind Washington, D.C., and ahead of Boston.

Here are the top and bottom three for some of the other categories we liked...

INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. Top three: Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston. Bottom three: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami.

STYLISH PEOPLE. Top three: New York, Miami, San Francisco. Bottom three: San Antonio, Philadelphia, Orlando.

WILD WEEKEND. Top three: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami. Bottom three: Santa Fe, Washington, D.C., Dallas/Fort Worth.

ROMANTIC VACATION. Top three: Honolulu, Charleston, San Francisco. Bottom three: Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Washington, D.C.

PIZZA. Top three: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia. Bottom three: Santa Fe, Honolulu (so true), Dallas/Fort Worth.

With the fattening and expensive holiday season coming, who wouldn't want some tips on how to save money AND lose weight?

Wash and groom your own dog: Cash saved: $90; Calories burned: 275

Skip the mocha: cash saved: $3; Calories saved: 400

Fire the maid (yeah, RIGHT!): Cash saved: $100; Calories burned: 275

Veto the vending machines: Cash saved: $.65; Calories saved: 240

Blow dry your own hair: Cash saved: $20; Calories burned: 196

Remove pizza delivery from your speed dial: Cash saved: $12.50; Calories saved: 300

Say no to soda: Cash saved: $1.50; Calories saved: 250

Brown bag lunch: Cash saved: $7; calories saved: 196

Wrap Christmas gifts: Cash saved: $100; Calories burned: 118

Drive past drive-through: $4.29; Calories saved: 1,160

Total saved: $338.94
Total calories burned: 3,410