Thursday, October 18, 2007

OCTOBER 18, 2007

97.7 The Breeze is sending listeners to witness Celine Dion finish her run at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this December!

Starting MONDAY, we’ll play a Celine Dion song at 9 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM. Keep track of all three songs, and then listen to Brent Michaels the next morning at 7:20 to qualify for the trip! Each week, one of the daily qualifiers will win a getaway for two to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert!

Listen to 97.7 The Breeze 9-2-5 every weekday to win! It’s a Celine Dion experience ONLY from light rock, less talk, 97.7 The Breeze!

Indulge in retail therapy: Retail therapy is an old tactic long associated with the female species; she's been getting her gloom serviced by cash registers and sales racks for a long, long time. The basic idea is to buy yourself something unexpected in the hopes that it will raise your spirits.

Phone an old friend: Catching up with an old buddy rarely fails to liberate us from the blues. It can be effective, whether you've been meaning to call this person for months and months but keep forgetting, or something recently reminded you of that dynamite old friendship. Now is the time not only to catch up with one another, but also rehash the good times, revel in the classic moments and retell stories you've told a hundred times before. When you hang up, odds are good not only will you feel cheered up, but it will do good things for your buddy too.

Surf funny videos: You've got iFilm, YouTube, Yahoo, and plenty more resources to choose from where a world of morons and their moronic actions await. You can also relive some classic cinema moments from some of the funniest films ever made, such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High and American Pie.

Play with a pet: Dogs, cats and other pets don't know the complexities of life like we do. Their lives are simpler, they're always ready for a good time, and they never fail to appreciate our time and attention. They have no opinion on what's bugging you and they take no sides; they're simply interested in hanging out with you.

Listen to feel-good music: When it comes to music, we all have our own personal favorites -- music we listen to with chronic devotion and make a part of our daily lives. It is not, however, the same music we turn to for an instant feel-good infusion -- nor should it be.

Remember that old episode of "Seinfeld" where JERRY SEINFELD ends up breaking up with a woman because he can't kiss her... after her toothbrush falls in the toilet and she uses it afterwards.

WELL... if using a toothbrush after it falls in the toilet freaks you out too... then you might not want to hear this.

According to a survey sponsored by Philips Sonicare, 9% of men, or just under one out of 10, say they've used their toothbrush AFTER they dropped it in the toilet.

Not a single woman would admit to doing that.

54% of all people say they would re-use their toothbrush if they dropped it on the bathroom floor.

44% of all people say they'd share their toothbrush with their spouse or partner... and 8% say they'd share with a friend.

5% of men and 0% of women would share their toothbrush with a random co-worker if he or she needed one.