Thursday, September 13, 2007

SEPTEMBER 13, 2007

How many of these are you guilty of?

86% admit they put their elbows on the table at least once in a while
80% interrupt others or speak out of turn
69% honk their car horns
57% talk during movies
41% spit, burp or pass gas in public
34% cough or sneeze without covering their mouth
27% chew with their mouths open

Forbes magazine put together a list of "bulletproof jobs." These are lines of work where it's almost impossible to get fired from.

1. Federal judges: only 7 have ever been removed from the bench.

2. Tenured educators: firing one is almost as hard as convicting a criminal

3. Unionized workers: in bad times, their unions look for ways for members to get paid, or learn new skills to get new jobs.

4. Civil servants: there's a "lengthy process" and plenty of 2nd chances available for most.

5. Nurses: there aren't enough of them, and won't be for a long time. Smart nurses know how to use that power.

Harris Interactive just released the results of their annual poll, where they ask Americans: If you could live in any state, except the state you live in now, what state would you choose???

And, for the fifth year in a row, the winner is. . . California.

Only Hawaii and California have ever been number one on the list: From 1997 until 2001, Hawaii was number one. . . from 2002 until now, it's been California.

The rest of the top 15, in order, are: Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, New York, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Alaska. Alaska is the only new state on the list this year; it bumped Montana, which was 15th last year.

(Tragically, they don't release which states received the fewest votes. And something tells me Delaware, Mississippi and North Dakota dodged a bullet with that.)

The survey also asked people if you could live in or near any city in the U.S. except the one you live in or nearest to now, which city would you choose???

The winner was New York, which has come in first every year since 1997 EXCEPT in 1998. In '98, San Francisco won; that was back when everyone flocked to the dot-com boom there.
The rest of the top 15 cities, in order, are: San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, Honolulu, Phoenix, Denver, L.A., Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, Portland and Miami. Charlotte and Miami are new this year; they bumped Atlanta and Nashville.

People on the West Coast are more likely to spend $100 on a date than folks on the East Coast. Maybe that's because things are more expensive here!

Americans go through 17 of these every second...

Big Macs.