Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SEPTEMBER 12, 2007

John O'Hurley inspired us... We had our own game of Family Feud this morning... Dalia and Donna were our contestants... Each had the chance to guess the #1 answer to a survey question for dinner for two at Mauricio's! For each question, the person who gave the more popular response won a point... three points won the game...

Could you have guessed the #1 answer?

Question 1:
Name a specific activity that makes your eyes tired...

Dalia-- Watching TV (#6 answer)
Donna-- Reading (#1 answer)-- POINT!

Question 2:
Name an animal that adults pretend to be when playing with kids...

Donna-- Dog (#2 answer)-- POINT
Dalia-- Monkey (#5 answer)

#1 Answer-- Horse

Question 3:
Name something that you feel self-conscious doing alone...

Dalia-- No answer
Donna-- Going to a movie (#2 answer)-- POINT AND WIN!

#1 Answer-- Eating out/Dining Out

Don't be sad for Dalia... she took home the new Family Feud DVD game... a lovely parting gift.

Here's a new ice cream machine that was created by an art design team in Linz, Austria... and we love it. You walk up to the machine and speak into a box on top. The machine analyzes how much STRESS is in your voice.

Then, based on your stress level, it gives you ice cream... the more unhappy you are, the more ice cream it gives you. For now, this is just a prototype... there's no word on if or when these could actually be on the market.

Don't "text-joke" if you don't know someone very well and they're not 100% familiar with your personality, don't text a jokingly catty response back. In fact, don't "joke," period. Throw a few too many zingers their way and they may end up thinking, "Who needs this?" The worst thing that can happen in the early stages of any new relationship is having them to take what you texted (or e-mailed!) all wrong and you end up missing out on love because of it.