Friday, August 24, 2007

AUGUST 24, 2007

The host of Family Feud (weekdays at 11 AM on KGET TV 17) joined us to talk about the release of the DVD Home Version of the game. He said he doesn't have the answers on the card (and likes it that way), but does have the #1 answers for Fast Money.

Also, the worst answers ever... Tom Cruise (name a famous magician or magician duo)... Arizona (name a state with a "direction" in the title").

And... if you get the choice, pass or play... ALWAYS PLAY!

Your kids learn how to behave or not from the adults around them. Here are five ways to set a good example:

1) Silence is golden -- Turn your phone off in restaurants, museums, movie theaters and public bathrooms. If you must be on call for example, you're waiting to hear about a job, use the vibrate feature and take the call in private.

2) Be discreet -- Steer clear of inappropriate conversations, both on cell phones and when e-mailing at work. "See you at 8" or "Please take the roast out of the freezer" are within the bounds of good taste. Arguing with your spouse is not.

3) Be polite -- Don't say anything in a phone message that you would not normally say to someone in person.

4) Send your regrets -- Always use regular mail for condolence cards or letters. And no typing allowed take the time to write them by hand.

5) No multitasking -- Don't answer e-mail or check your voice messages and stock portfolio while chatting with your kids or watching their soccer match or school play.

Noisy neighbors? Get back at 'em with the Revenge CD, loaded with 20 super-irritating sounds, such as inhuman screams, a cat in heat, the stomp of high heels, banging doors, a whimpering dog, and of course, a crying baby, among others. It even comes with its own earplugs (for you, natch!) Find it at