Thursday, August 23, 2007

AUGUST 23, 2007

The people at "Men's Health" surveyed more than 700 women, and asked them to rank 11 different pieces of clothing on how much they like seeing them on their man... Here's what they found...

--A SPORTS JERSEY. Hotness rating: 4/10.

--CASUAL BLAZER. Hotness rating: 7/10.

--DENIM SHORTS. Hotness rating: 3.5/10.

--CARGO SHORTS. Hotness rating: 7/10.

--BASEBALL HAT. Hotness rating: 4/10.

--CLEAN, WHITE T-SHIRT. Hotness rating: 8/10. (--Making it the winner of the list.)

--SLIM-FIT JEANS. Hotness rating: 6.5/10.

--BAGGY JEANS. Hotness rating: 4/10.

--BLACK JEANS. Hotness rating: 3.5/10.

--PINSTRIPED SUIT. Hotness rating: 7.5/10.

--FLANNEL SHIRT. Hotness rating: 3/10. (--Making it the loser of the list.)

Normally, we wouldn't say a heart attack victim is LUCKY. But there's an 80-year-old from Albany, New Zealand, who just had a heart attack... and that guy is LUCKY. This week, the man was at a hardware store in Albany... and, in the middle of walking down an aisle, he suddenly COLLAPSED from a heart attack. And here's where the luck comes in: At the end of THAT VERY AISLE, one of the store's salesmen, 42-year-old Gavin MacDonell, was giving a demonstration of a home DEFIBRILLATOR. So Gavin... who's been a volunteer paramedic for 20 years... took the defibrillator over to the 80-year-old guy... charged the paddles... and REVIVED him. The man is expected to fully recover.

On Friday, the Orlando police were doing one of those gun exchanges where people trade in their weapons for a new pair of shoes or a gift certificate... and they got a SHOCK. One man showed up with a four-foot surface-to-air MISSILE LAUNCHER. He traded it for a pair of size-three Reeboks for his daughter. Because the exchange is no-questions-asked, the cops couldn't get his name or ask where he got it; the guy told reporters he found it in a shed he was tearing down last week.

A bullet fired from a police gun range hit a military veteran as he stood outside a car dealership almost a mile away, officials said. “It felt like someone hit me with a ball bat or like a bird struck me in the side,” said Bill Bolechala, who had served 24 years in the military including a stint in Vietnam without being wounded. "I was wiping my left side because it kind of hurt, and when I looked down, I had blood all over me,” he said. Bolechala was treated at a hospital after being shot Tuesday and was released later in the day. He said the doctors left the bullet in his side, between his ribs and hip, but will remove it if the wound becomes infected. Elk City Police Chief Bill Putnam said the bullet must have ricocheted off a metal frame that holds targets at the gun range. Bolechala, a city councilman from nearby Burns Flat, said he has no ill-will toward the police, who told him they will pay medical bills related to the shooting. He said he has no plans to sue.

With the click of the mouse you will soon be able to have groceries delivered to your home.
The Online shopping craze has now hit the grocery stores in Kern County.... that means you can get what you need for dinner and never leave your home.

For decades people have been going to the grocery store to shop for food. But now, the food can come to you. Next month, Vons supermarkets will start home delivery here in Bakersfield. Shopping for items like meat, milk and eggs will be at your fingertips.

"There are several ways to shop. You can shop by grocery isle or you can shop by category, when you're shopping cart is full, you submit your order, you select the time that you'd like to have your order delivered and you check out," explained a Vons spokesperson.

Vons is hoping to attract those working parents who don't have time to shop, the elderly, and tap into the growing popularity of the shopping craze. Delivery charges can range from $5 to $10.

A Vons spokeswoman could not give us a definitive date, but says the online shopping program will be up and running by the end of September. Vons will be offering delivery services to the following Bakersfield areas... 93241, 93301, 93304, 93305, 93306, 93307, 93308, 93309, 93311, 93312, 93313, 93314, 93389 , 93386.