Monday, July 30, 2007

JULY 30, 2007

We've got to plug this business today... it's great if you REALLY want a dog... but you're so immature that you can't fathom the responsibility of owning one. It's called FlexPetz... and it lets you RENT a dog. (--Just like a vacation timeshare.)

Right now it's only in L.A. and San Diego, but they're expanding quickly. It's also REALLY expensive... $100 annual fee, $50 monthly fee and $25 to $40 each day you have a dog. But, if you've got the money and you want to rent a dog, it still might be worth a look... Click here.

I just realized I'm living in another world... Get these prices. Sexy Beast is offering a 5.1 ounce bottle of botanical water to "gently cleanse, deodorize and refresh a dog's coat," for $26, 1.7 ounces of their Signature Fragrance - a "musky blend of bergamot, vanilla, patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils,"- for $50 that evokes the "warm and comforting emotion of unconditional love with a sense of spirited affection." There is also a $28 lip gloss (dogs have lips?) made of safflower, chamomile flower, lavender and rosemary oils. Plus, for $26 you can buy your pooch 0.90 ounces of a plant-based powder. I love animals but isn't this going too far?