Friday, July 27, 2007

JULY 27, 2007

I always think it's ridiculous when stores start putting out their Christmas stuff the day after Halloween. Apparently. . . if it was up to a lot of you, they would've started putting it out the day after NEW YEAR'S.

According to a poll by, ONE out of THREE American adults say they've already started doing their Christmas shopping.

That 33% say they've already crossed at least a few gifts off their lists.

And 0.01% say they're already COMPLETELY DONE with their Christmas gift shopping.

As of today, we're still 150 (shopping) days away from Christmas.

The back-to-school shopping season has already begun and it looks like we'll see a surge in electronic purchases but almost no increase in clothing sales from last year.

According to a survey by America's Research Group, almost half of American parents say they'll keep back-to-school apparel spending to a minimum this fall, buying only replacements for garments their children have outgrown.

Consumers are expected to lay out an average of $232 for the season; last year it was $228. Electronics purchases, however, are expected to be 13 percent higher than last year --iPods and cell phones are big on those shopping lists.

Higher gas and grocery prices are influential factors.

No surprise here: A new poll finds that people's favorite food to eat at a carnival or fair is. . . FUNNEL CAKE. Number two is a corn dog. . . number three is sausage and peppers.

Cotton candy, fries, candied apples and DEEP-FRIED OREOS split the rest of the votes.