Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MAY 30, 2007

Nope, no baby yet...

Some questions and answers about Kids Camp...

*What is Kids Camp exactly?
Each week 97.7 The Breeze will take our listeners and their families on free field trips to great locations all around Kern County.

*How do I sign up my kids for Kids Camp?
Listeners can call in and win a four-pack of passes for their kids to attend Kids Camp. Adults who accompany their children do not need a pass to attend. There is no online registration this year. Passes will be given away the week before the excursion on 97-7 The Breeze. To find out what time, listen in for updates on 97.7 The Breeze!

*Can I buy tickets for Kids Camp?
No. Passes are only given away on air.

*Do I need to come with my kids to Kids Camp or can I drop them off?
A parent, legal guardian, or other adult (at least 18 years of age) MUST attend Kids Camp with their children. We cannot assume responsibility for any children, as we are not licensed child care professionals. One adult can bring all four children… multiple adults are not necessary.

*Can I win passes to multiple Kids Camp excursions or just one?
You can only win four passes per week, but from week to week you can try to win again.

*Do I need to pick up passes at the radio station?
No, just go out to the location on the date and time given to you by the DJ at the time you win. Someone from the Promotions Department will call you the week of the event with any last minute changes or updates.

*Will lunch be provided?
Yes, there will be lunch.

*What do I need to bring with me to the event?
Just yourselves… The cost of kids camp is free. Food and drinks are provided at lunchtime. If you wish to purchase souvenirs (if available), that will be the winner’s responsibility.

From a guy who does it for a living Perez Hilton

1. Don't be two-faced. "If you're not going to gossip about your friends, who is?" Perez asks. "But always remember to be loyal and honest with them, too. If you have an opinion about something they're doing, tell them. Don't say something you would regret if they found out. Be able to say it to their faces, too."

2. Do think carefully before blabbing at work. "It all depends on your work environment," Perez says. "Sometimes it's good to just act professionally at work. But if you get the right group of women around you during lunch, you're totally going to gossip." So, even if you hate your boss, there could be repercussions for saying so, including getting fired. Be careful.

3. Do stay calm when you find out people are gossiping about you. Chances are you've provided just as much fuel for the rumor mill as anyone. What's the best way to react? "Ignoring gossip is the easiest way to make it go away," Perez says. "If you make it into an issue, it becomes an issue. Just pretend you don't know."