Monday, May 21, 2007

MAY 21, 2007

Well, Gracie's almost here! She could be on her way any day now, and if you guess when she'll be born, you'll win a prize package of family fun-- four tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor, plus $100 in cash!

Here are all the details...

*You must be a Breeze Family Member (part of our online club) to play. If you're not yet a member, click here to join. It's quick, free, and easy!

*Click on the link below to get to the contest page... Enter the date and time you think the baby will be born... (Hint: Julie's official due date is May 29). Also enter a weight as a tie breaker (in pounds and ounces).

*The guess CLOSEST TO THE DATE AND TIME WITHOUT GOING OVER will win the prize. Should two or more identical guesses be correct, the tiebreaker will be used.

*Only one entry per person. Entries will be accepted until Julie goes into labor! If double entries are submitted, the first one will count as your guess.

*Keep listening to 97.7 The Breeze for baby updates and to find out if your guess is correct!

To enter, click here.

Did you see the Bakersfield Californian's Best of Bakersfield poll? Check out the results here.

I LOVE that someone took the time to study this, because it finally gives us the chance to say: If you're one of those people who DOUBLE DIPS your chips into the dip or salsa at a party, you're not just being disgusting. . . you're ENDANGERING PUBLIC HEALTH.

A group of students in a food science and human nutrition class at Clemson University figured it out. First, they dipped a Wheat Thins cracker into sterile water, then measured the bacteria in the water. It was standard: Fewer than 100 cells of bacteria per milliliter of water. Then, someone bit the Wheat Thin. . . and then, he dipped it back into the water, bite-side first.

The students retested the bacteria levels in the water and they went up. . . an INSANE 3,000%. There were now more than 3,000 cells of bacteria per milliliter of water.

Paul Dawson, their professor, says that at a party, where the dip's been sitting out for hours, if one person double-dips ONCE, the effect would be even MORE dramatic. Quote, "For dips at a party, these are probably very conservative numbers. And some are warm dips, which will increase bacterial growth [even more]."

Dawson says that most of the time, this won't cause any real harm, because not all the bacteria are bad bacteria. But, if someone at the party's sick or incubating an illness and double dips, they could spread their virus EASILY!