Friday, May 18, 2007

MAY 18, 2007

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Most work places don't have their employees punch in and punch out anymore. . . they run on the honor system. . . or, at least, the "as long as you get to work before your boss does, you're golden" system. And, naturally, we're abusing that privilege to the fullest.

About one out of every six U.S. workers, 16%, say they show up late to work at LEAST once a week.

And, when people get caught showing up late to work, 25% decide that rather than admitting it, apologizing, saying it won't happen again and showing up on time for a while. . . they're going to LIE their way out of it.

Men are 6% less likely to lie than women. They're also 4% less likely to be late in the first place.

The real reason people get to work late? 31% say most of the time it's traffic issues. . . 16% oversleep. . . and 8% blame their kids. Other people said things like long commutes, having to go back home because they forgot something or feeling sick.

1) CHANGE YOUR LIGHTBULBS. Change from regular lightbulbs to those compact fluorescent ones. . . those are the ones that look like corkscrews. They use less energy. . . AND last 10 times longer than regular lightbulbs.

2) TURN DOWN THE HEAT. Just turn down your heat by five or six degrees and you'll keep about 660 pounds of carbon dioxide from spewing into the atmosphere. And, you'll cut your gas bill by about 10%.

3) NO MORE STANDBY. When your electronics are plugged in, but not on, you know how a lot of them have a little light that stays on? That's because they're still sucking electricity. Use a power strip to REALLY turn them off and save power.

4) USE LESS HOT WATER. It takes a lot of energy to heat up water. By using a low-flow showerhead, keeping your showers short, and only washing full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher, you'll save energy. . . and money.

5) ONLINE BILLING. You can stop getting paper bills for almost everything now. . . your credit card, your car, your electricity, whatever. . . and get the bills online instead. By doing that, you save a TON of paper. . . and trees.